Krav Maga Attitude

Attitude? How do you explain it, how do you teach it?

You know how some mornings you just wake up and say, "That does it, I am angry and I am not going to take it anymore. I am going to walk up to my boss and tell I will not tolerate this situation anymore, let the chips fall where they may, I have nothing to lose anymore."

That's attitude.

When does a revolution take place?

When the people develop attitude. When the down trodden workers of the world united and said, "We have nothing to lose but our chains".

A person will not act forcefully until he has the right attitude, until he has 'fighting spirit'.

When you comfortable you cannot have the right attitude, you cannot have fighting spirit. In order to fight, you have to be hungry; you have to want something really bad.

My teacher Itay Gil, used to say to me that it took a good kick to the head to get my fired up each lesson. He felt I was too 'nice' and too 'easy going', but after that first kick to the head, I became a tiger.

What is Krav Maga? What did Itay Gil teach me? You have to have that 'fire within' to get you going, you have to have 'fighting spirit'.

In some places around the world life is very comfy. Martial arts are for fun, sports and relaxation. One can decorate their room with impressive trophies and medallions and feel really good about themselves. That is not our situation. I am writing these words on Memorial Day here in Israel. For us this is not a picnic day, it is not just a day off. There is not a family who has not buried a loved one; there is not a dry eye in the crowd. We fight because we have to, we fight to survive.

Krav Maga is not a sport, it is not pretty, it is not about fancy technique. It is dirty, it is in your face, it is aggressive, and it is real. Krav Maga is an attitude, an attitude that says, "Don't bull shit me", "We won't be fooled again", "Tell your lies to somebody else because I won't buy it".

Krav Maga attitude is to fight when you think you have no chance, but you have no choice. Krav Maga attitude is to fight when you dead tired and in pain. I think that Avivit Cohen in the show Fight Quest displayed a good example of this attitude. So how do you develop this attitude? It has to come from within, but you can learn it from a good teacher. The fire is yours but a teacher can give you the match. When you achieve this it will be like the song in Rocky, "The body says STOP but the spirit cries NEVER".

Keep up the training everyone.