Krav Fitness

Krav fitness incorporates all the elements of combat ready fitness, whether you are getting ready for boot camp or just want to be a lean, mean, fit machine.

Strength Training

Strength training is important for men and women of all ages. Martial artists have been engaging in this pursuit for far longer than the average population. Martial arts requires fitness, and, produces fitness.The fitness goal that we work towards is to feel good, maintain a healthy body, and develop practical strength. The result will be that you will feel better about yourself, and look better as well.

There was a time when exercise was only for those 'crazy fitness fanatics', today we know that proper strength training can increase and restoring bone density,and prevent and fight osteoporosis by building strong bones. It also helps prevent injuries; strength training exercise strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Here are some of the things we do to stay fit

Push ups

By doing push ups, you can train your triceps, chest, shoulders and abs all at once - a great time efficient workout.


Boxing is a great way to burn calories and increase practical strength.

Combat Squats – kick and punch

Squats; excellent for building real, usable strength. Pace yourself on this exercise and follow strict form for every rep

To make it more interesting, and more difficult, we add the martial arts; do a squat, come up and do three punches; jab, cross, jab. Do a squat, come up and do two kicks; right leg, left leg. You can a set of only squats, squats with kicks, squats with punches, or a combination of all three. Variety keeps it more interesting.


Run and punch

Kick and box

Box with weights

Interval Training

When we work out, we never stop; we run, then do push-ups, then sit ups, then punch and kick, then squats, this is our version of interval training. You are burning calories and gaining strength, and you are not spending your entire day doing it. It is effective and time efficient.

Kyokushin Karate Workout


Bag work,

Working the Shield

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Sparring - Sparring, controlled fighting, is not for everyone. For those who do, however, it is an amazing aerobic and anaerobic workout, like no other. Krav Maga Self Defense Training for Women , Krav Exercise

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