Boxing, Krav Maga

Boxing Drills

You don't have to be a boxer to enjoy the many health benefits of boxing. These drills are simple and fun, I recommend you get hang up a punching bag somewhere in your house or garage or back yard, (or, if you want to use a punching shield, get a friend to join you and you can take turns holding for each other.) get a decent pair of 'bag gloves', put on some of your favorite music, and …hit the bag for as long as suits you. But, before you get started, we must learn a few basic things,

Boxing Stance

Feet shoulder width apart, one hand back, one hand lead.

How to make a Fist

we punch with the two large knuckles.

Definitions: Jab: lead hand strike, i.e. which ever foot is forward, that is the hand that is the jab

Cross: Punch from the back leg, the punch 'crosses' the body.

Hook: Upper-cut:

Drills (note: always work both sides; right foot lead, left foot leading)

Jab, cross

Jab, cross, jab,

Jab, cross, jab, upper-cut,

Jab, jab, cross,

Jab, jab, hook,

Jab, cross, jab, hook,