On Campus

On Campus Krav Maga is the program I have been developed specifically for the college student. Teaching for several years on college campuses throughout the USA and Canada I have learned a great deal about campus life and the challenges and situations students must deal with.

Sadly, campus life is not as safe as we would like it to be. The special campus Krav-Maga program is tailored to meet these challenges.

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College Students are away from home, for most it is their first time. They are living in a new environment without the protection and safety they are accustomed to. There is certainly reason to take extra precaution and be prepared.

While I have learned about the challenges from the first hand experience of college students, and I thank them for their continued input, the solutions have come from Krav Maga practitioners in the Israeli army and police force, US law enforcement trainers, SWAT team leaders and NYPD detectives.

The techniques are safe, easy to learn and easy to apply. Some students, and staff, fear that Krav Maga techniques might be a bit dangerous for college students to learn, especially those without martial arts experience. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

This program is designed to be simple, easy to learn, yet very effective. No one has ever gotten hurt in any of my seminars.

Part of our training involves the psychology of self defense and awareness training, learning how to get out of a situation before it gets violent.

Tips on Campus Travel and Transportation

These days an important topic on campus is survive a shooting

Some of my seminars were covered by the local press such as at Simmons College University of Maryland (UMD) , Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) , University of Richmond , SUNY New Paltz Swarthmore , Peoria , Lynn University , Champaign, Illinois  , and others. One of my seminars was actually covered by ABC News.


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