On Campus Travel Tips
By Moshe Katz

Campus travel, or, travel on campus, is perhaps one of the trickiest and most misunderstood areas of personal safety.

The home and the car, as Arthur Cohen points out in "Become Streetwise" were once thought to "offer a measure of safety from the violence that was occurring on the street." Today neither one is fool-proof safe.

When a student leaves his or her home,or dorm room on campus, they must think carefully about the method and route of travel. This is an area we stressed greatly in our school Krav Maga program in Israel.

The first step is awareness; being aware of potential dangers, then, learning how to avoid them or, if need be, deal with them. Recognizing danger is an art in itself, there are several good books on this topic. Reading them can save you a lot of trouble.

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Walking alone can be dangerous. Of course often we have no choice but we can improve our odds by trying to walk in well light, populated areas. Don't choose short cuts. Don't choose areas not frequented by other students. Be careful where you walk at night.

At one of the campuses where I taught a Krav Maga seminar I was told that the police carefully controlled the areas in the immediate vicinity of the campus. It was well light and safe. Just outside this area, however, a very different situation prevailed. Students who veered away from campus often encountered trouble.

Buses and Trains

Again, think in safety terms and use common sense, don't be alone at a bus terminal. If possible, travel in pairs or a with a group. If you are getting off a bus or train, don't stick around. 

Car Travel

Don't accept rides from strangers or people you do not know so well. Be careful whom you trust.

If you are driving, be careful whom you give a ride to. Always have safety in mind.

Don't totally trust the safety of a car, don't allow yourself to become lazy. Remain alert, especially at stop signs or red lights when someone can try to enter your car.

Regardless of how you are traveling, I strongly recommend purchasing and learning to use the Kobutan self defense key chain. Thousands of university students have already purchased this handy self defense tool and many have come back with stories of how they averted much trouble by having it with them.

For more on travel safety I strongly recommend "Become Streetwise" by Arthur Cohen, for men or women this handy little book is indispensable. Believe me, from my own experience I can tell you; if you lend it out – you may never see it again, no one wants to part with it.