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T Shirts are available in most colors and sizes. Top quality, made in Israel, 100% cotton (other than the drift)

All workers in these factories are treated well. No child labor, no illegal labor. All hard working, tax paying Israeli coffee drinkers. We take pride in good honest hard work.

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IKI Star of David. 

About the designer   

IKI logo; Design by Arie Katz, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.

Arie is a paratrooper in the Israeli Armed Forces and served in the "Second Lebanon War". He continues to serve in the reserves.

Arie fought off a knife wielding terrorist and survived, knocking the knife out of the hand of the terrorist who then fled the scene but was subsequently apprehended.

Arie was name for his great grandfather on his mother's side, Aryhe Leib of Poland who was murdered in the Holocaust. Arie's grandmother was the only survivor of this family. The spark lives on. Arie is married to Liza, from Germany.

Arie's uncle is the founder of IKI Krav Maga. His grandfather was the late great Rabbi Paul M. Katz son of Moe Katz of Brooklyn, New York, grandson of Max Poland of Poland and Brooklyn. 

Copyrighted Logo. 

The logo combines the Star of David with the letters IKI (Israeli Krav International). Underneath the logo is the verse from Psalms "Blessed be God my rock who teaches my hands to do battle, my fingers for war." 

This (above) is the back on all our T shirts with the exception of our Tour and Train T shirts. Extra writing can be added; Instructor, school name, contact info, etc. (for 60 or more units, see below)

Our T shirts are of the highest quality in the industry. Israel is among the world leaders in the Textile industry.

Each shirt is tested for shrinkage and the durability of the print. Western industry standard allows for 5-7% shrinkage, these T shirts shrink 2-3% maximum.

Americans Please Note: Israeli Shirts generally run one size smaller than the USA. I.e. a USA Medium is an Israeli Large. So if you normally wear an XL please order an XXL, and so forth.

A Guide to this Page
A list of all the products you will find on this page, in order

  • Racer back T shirt for women
  • Female Cut T shirt
  • Men - Sleeveless T shirt
  • Standard short sleeve T shirts, men, women
  • Israeli Kickboxing T shirts
  • Dri Fit English
  • T shirts in Hebrew
  • Dri fit Hebrew
  • Pocket Symbol T shirt
  • Urban Warfare T shirt
  • Long Sleeves
  • Hoodies - Sweatshirts
  • T Shirts in Bulk
  • Krav Maga School T shirts
  • Instructor T shirts
  • Instructor Dri Fit; English, Hebrew
  • IDF Military Pant
  • Krav Maga/Kickboxing shorts
  • Patches
  • Coffee mug
  • IKI Books
  • Krav Maga DVDs

 Limited Time 

10 T shirt Surprise Package - Limited Time Only! 

One per customer

Give us your size, and we will send you a surprise package of ten T shirts for only $100

The T shirts will all be in your chose size and may include; Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Hebrew, Pocket symbol, English, or Drifit. We chose the colors, So you receive a nice surprise. 

Shipping is also less than half price. 

Let me know your choice of size by e mail, or Facebook Personal Message or via the website

Krav Maga Hoodies



Racer back t shirt (women)

Back: IKI Star of David, "Blessed be God my rock who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war"(Kind David, Book of Psalms)  

Adriana wearing racer back style Pocket Symbol T shirt (IKI Costa Rica)

Front: Pocket symbol BLACK T shirt


Front: Pocket symbol WHITE  T shirt


Stacey wearing Krav Maga Racer back T shirt (IKI Puerto Rico)

Front: KRAV MAGA (English)

Tank Top T shirt: Black - Racer back style $16 plus shipping


Tank Top T shirt: White - Racer back style $16 plus shipping


Tank Top T shirt: GREEN - Racer back style  $16 plus shipping


Tank Top T shirt: Hebrew writing קרב מגע - Racer back style $16 plus shipping


Tank Top T shirt: Hebrew קרב מגע  - Racer back style $16 plus shipping


Proud to wear Israeli T shirts, Panama City, IKI Panama    קרב מגע

Olive Green with Hebrew writing  קרב מגע



New Item - Limited Supply
Female Cut T shirt, Black

$16 plus shipping and packaging, Available only in Small and Medium, Large, XL  V Neck. Limited supply.


Men - Sleeveless T Shirt

BLACK Medium, Large, XL


star of David standard iki t shirt
short sleeves

 "KRAV MAGA"  on front, IKI Logo (Star of David) on back (standard with short sleeves)

Small, Medium, Large - $16 plus shipping and handling 

XL $17

XXL  $18 

XXXL and larger - $19 plus shipping and handling.  (For these sizes the color selection is more limited).

Black English

Now also in XS, Extra Small

Black T shirt

Gray English

Now also in XS, Extra Small

Gray T shirt

Green English

Now also in XS, Extra Small and 5XL

Green T shirt

Red English

Red T shirt


Sizes Blue T shirt

Israeli Kickboxing T Shirt

printed in Israel with you in mind

Israeli Kickboxing T shirt, $15 plus shipping



Israeli Kickboxing T shirt, $15 plus shipping



Dri Fit - Krav Maga

Dri Fit Black Front:  KRAV MAGA 

Black Dri Fit

Dri Fit Gray  
Front: Krav Maga
Back: IKI Logo

Gray Dri Fit

hebrew t shirts

Standard IKI short sleeve T shirts with Krav Maga in Hebrew on the front.

Black Hebrew


Gray Hebrew


Hebrew Olive Green Hebrew

Small to 5XL


Hebrew Red Hebrew

Red Hebrew

 Blue Hebrew


Hebrew Dri Fit Black


Hebrew Dri Fit Gray


pocket symbol t shirts

IKI T shirt with pocket symbol on front  - Start of David IKI logo on the back   

Small, Medium, Large, $16 plus shipping 

XL $17

XXL $18

XXL $19  

4XL, 5XL  $20


Black T shirt


White T shirt

Olive Green

Green T shirt


Gray T shirt


Red T shirt



Navy Blue

2XL, 4XL - $19 plus $3 shipping and packaging


Temporary items 
limited supply

Navy Blue T shirt, XXL, (American cut)  $15


Olive Green T Shirt, standard cut,


Gray T shirt, standard cut


Female Cut Olive Green  $21 all sizes.

S - XL


Female Cut $21 all sizes, S - XL


long sleeves

Please inquire if you are interested in long sleeves.

Michal modeling IKI long sleeve T Shirt

Green Long Sleeve T Shirt

Size Small

Sizes T shirt

Black Long Sleeve T shirt, $20

Sizes Black T shirt

Red Long Sleeve T Shirt

Sizes Red Long Sleeve T

Red Long Sleeve T Shirt - Hebrew

Sizes Red T shirt

Gray Long Sleeve English

Medium, Large

Sizes Red Long Sleeve T

Blue Long Sleeve English   $18


Blue Long Sleeve Hebrew $20

Sizes Black T shirt

iki krav maga hoodie

Hoodie, Black, with IKI logo Pocket Symbol,

Back: Star of David standard IKI logo.

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXL, 3XL. (runs small, please order one size larger than normal)

$35 plus shipping.


Learn a little about our special T shirt factory, come in for a visit...

Krav Maga T shirt Factory

t shirts in bulk

Sixty (60) T shirt pack $750 ($12.5 each) plus shipping ( Special Delivery at reduced cost, half price)

Please send e mail (or use the form at the bottom of this page) for details; size, style, colors. Shirts need not be all the same color but they must all be the same design, (i.e. English writing, or Hebrew writing, or Pocket symbol) 

The official "Tour and Train" T Shirt

Tour and Train T shirt.

$16 plus $3 shipping and packaging.

XL $17

XXL $18

Color: Olive Green.

Tour and Train Official T

krav maga school t shirts

Have IKI Krav Maga T shirts with your school name, website, and phone number on the back. No extra charge.

Sixty (60) T shirt pack $750 ($12.5 each) plus shipping ( Special Delivery at reduced cost, half price) 

(Sample, IKI Chile, South America)

Send an e mail with your schools' details and sizes and colors of the shirts.

Sixty (60) T shirt pack $750 ($12.5 each) plus shipping ( Special Delivery at reduced cost, half price)

instructor t shirts

Please Note:
These are for certified IKI instructors only.
To become an instructor please first join IKI and begin training.

Instructor T shirt: GREEN English (Front)

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL $16 plus shipping

XXXL  $18 plus shipping

Sizes: Green Instructor T shirt

Instructor T shirt: GREEN Hebrew (Front)

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL $16 plus shipping

XXXL  $18 plus shipping

Sizes: Green Instructor T shirt

Instructor T Shirt: BLACK English (Front)

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL $16 plus shipping

XXXL  $18 plus shipping

Sizes Black Instructor T shirt

Instructor T shirt: Black Hebrew (Front)

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL $16 plus shipping

XXXL  $18 plus shipping

Instructor Black Hebrew

Instructor T Shirt: GRAY English

Sizes Gray Instructor T shirt

Instructor Red English Medium


Instructor Long Sleeve Black - English, T shirt, $20


Instructor Long Sleeve Black - Hebrew, T shirt, $20


Instructor Long Sleeve, Blue, English, T shirt, $20


Instructor Long Sleeve Gray English T shirt, $20


Instructor: Dri Fit Black English 

Small, Medium, Large, X, XXL,

Black Dri Fit

Instructor: Dri Fit Black Hebrew 

Medium, Large, X, XXL


Instructor: Dri Fit Green English 

Small, Medium, Large, X, XXL,


IDF pants with iki logo

Petur Farkas wearing his IDF - IKI pants, and IKI T shirt (Hebrew) Tour and Train June 2013

$49 plus shipping. Available in six sizes

Sizes: Youth (XS), S, M, L, XXL, or indicate waist size.

Please note: This item will soon be discontinued, Currently we still have all sizes but NOT XL.

Waist Sizes (inches)

Michal modeling IKI hat and T shirt.

$13 plus $3 shipping and packaging - not currently available 

Krav Maga/Kickboxing Shorts

Close up of front/top

Top quality, made in Israel. $39 plus shipping.  Limited supply

Sizes (waist, inches):

Small: 32

Medium: 34


iki official patch

IKI Krav Maga Patch, set of two, $13 plus shipping

For Instructors, Buy a 10 Pack of IKI patches, $50


Belt Patches

Yellow Belt patch  $5

Orange Belt patch  $5 

Green Belt patch  $5 

Blue Belt patch  $5 

Brown Belt patch  $5 

Black Belt patch  $5

Instructor Patches

Apprentice Instructor Patch $5 plus shipping

Assistant Instructor Patch $5

Associate Instructor Patch $5

Full Instructor Patch $5  

IKI Coffee Mug

Original IKI Coffee Mug $10 plus shipping and packaging

IKI Travel Mug $10 plus shipping and packaging  (note: this is not the mug pictured above, it is a travel mug, the link for the mug above is above the photo.)

Official IKI Seal

no longer available. Instructors may purchase these from local vendors, such as Vista Print.

Israel, A Nation of Warriors,
 by Moshe Katz

"Israel, A Nation of Warriors" 312 pages,

What makes Israel Unique? Historical overview from Biblical times to our own.

Analysis of the Reserve system, history of a warrior nation, development of Krav Maga fighting system.

The unique morality and ethics of the Israeli army and its nation of warriors.

  16.99 Paperback

Israel, A Nation of Warriors

$9.99 on Kindle

Israel, A Nation of Warriors

This is required reading for all IKI instructors!

Lose Fat by Reducing Stress
New book by IKI Instructor Esther Lehman

$5.99 on Kindle

$7.19 paperback

Lose Fat By Reducing Stress

Esther Lehman lives in Israel, in Maale Adumim,just outside Jerusalem. She is a personal trainer and a holistic nutritionist. She studied exercise physiology at the Wingate Institute for physical education and sports in Israel. She studied naturopathy at the Bina Academy, Jerusalem, Israel. Esther is a black belt 2nd dan in Krav Maga. '

She teaches a wide range of exercise and fitness classes such as Pilates, body sculpting, aerobics, aqua, Krav Maga, and more for over 20 years.

Esther believes that the body is a mirror of all thoughts. Thinking positively, with kindness and even respect, people will have a great opportunity to allow positive changes to occur in their self-perception and general health and wellbeing.

The purpose of this book to help people achieve their goals and change their life around.         

Footsteps from Judea
By Moshe Katz

Footsteps from Judea, Volume One

Footsteps from Judea Volume Two

IKI Krav Maga DVDs

For all IKI Krav Maga DVDs please see

Krav Maga DVDs

Join IKI on line and get all the benefits

To join IKI On Line please see IKI Membership 

For IKI Instructors Only

IKI Diplomas

Rank Certificates, signed, $10 each. Promote your students with IKI diplomas from Israel, in English and Hebrew. Moshe will fill in students names in both languages.

10 Pack

Krav Maga Diploma

Israeli Kickboxing Diplomas $6

10 pack

DVDs to sell to Students

DVD in bulk; 10 DVDs $100 plus shipping and packaging.

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