Kickboxing Certification
by Moshe Katz

Krav Maga KickBoxing,

Well it appears it is time I addressed the issue of IKI Kickboxing.

At IKI we offer Kick boxing certification. Of course this is not our main focus but there has been some interest so I shall address this.

I spent many years training in Kickboxing, Thai boxing and in Karate. Over the years, like most practitioners, my own personal style evolved, using what worked best for me, incorporating elements of Muay Thai, Oyama Karate and Wing Chun.

My style served me well in hundreds of full contact fights. I never competed professionally and was never interested in points, trophies or anything along those lines. I fought with success in Israel, and in the USA in New York and in California. One of my personal highlights was when Soshu Shigeru Oyama put out his hand to me , after 8 fights with his students, and said, "You, good fighter".

With IKI our main focus is of course on Krav Maga but I do see Kickboxing as a very good compliment, for several reasons.

In Krav Maga clearly we do not want long fights; the idea is to end a confrontation as rapidly as possible. Kickboxing offers the possibility of a longer fight and the ability to deal with fear of getting hit, actually getting hit and learning to stay in a fight when you are hurt and in pain.

These are all important elements.

For many, the kickboxing element is crucial for developing confidence and aggressiveness.  Many members ask me; how do I develop aggressiveness? one of the ways is with Kickboxing fights.

Kickboxing also helps develop coordination, timing and balance, all important attributes in Krav Maga.

Our Kickboxing follows many of the same principle of Krav Maga. As such we do not require high kicks, back spinning kicks, or any jumping. I am not opposed to high kicks or back spin kicks, as long as one can pull them off effectively, but they are not required.

Like Krav Maga, our Kickboxing emphasizes economy of motion, safety and "nearest weapon – nearest target". We do not train for sports. We do not train for "setting up an opponent" with a series of planned moves or any complex strategy along those lines. We aim for simplicity and effectiveness.

We offer ranking from Yellow belt to 5th dan black belt, as well as IKI – Mountain Spirit Warrior, Kickboxing instructor ranks.

Certification information

Moshe Katz, in younger days, front row, second from left, seated.

Kickboxing, Itay's gym..sometime ago...