Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor Ranks, Awards

The value of an instructor is measured only in his ability to teach and pass on valuable knowledge. I present these ranks and awards only as a means of establishing background and legitimate accreditation

All ranks and awards can be verified at the source.

The ranks below represent only a small sample of ranks and recognition awarded to me. 


Instructor certification, Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel, September 1998 - The State of Israel. (seal upper right hand corner)

4th dan Black Belt Krav Maga, Itay Gil, September 25, 2005, Jerusalem, Israel  (Over 18 years of training with, and assisting, Mr. Gil)

Fourth dan Black Belt, Free style Kickboxing, Itay Gil, September 25, 2005, Jerusalem, Israel.

ISC Control Points, Instructor certification, Prof. Arthur Cohen, Dr. Les Knight, July 14, 2004, New York, USA.

Second dan Black Belt, Kenpo Jitsu, March 16, 1999, Tel Aviv, Israel

The above are, of course, only a partial listing of ranks earned over the past 30 years.


International Krav Maga Instructor of the Year, 2014

Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame

Title of "Master", August 29, 2014,signed and approved by leading Martial arts instructors, USA

Member with honor.

Certificate of appreciation, United States Army, September 2011

Department of the Army, US Special Forces, letter of Appreciation, August 27, 2011.

Appreciation Award from the Police trainers of the Vancouver Police Department, Canada, February 2012.

Membership, Black Dragon Society, Masters Council, Awarded November 10, 2010, USA. This membership was not paid for. An honorary award of recognition.

Patch Masters Council, Black Dragon Society

Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2010

Outstanding Martial Arts Instructor Award. Medal of honor.

Award from the Federal Republic of Germany, January, 2010, Stadthagen, Germany

Certificate of Honor, Federazione Israeliana Krav Maga, Italy, January 10, 2008, Italy

Appreciation Award,

National Defense Academy, Rome, Italy, December, 2013,

Service award, World Martial Arts Masters, June 2005, Virginia, USA

South Africa Special Forces,

United States FBI

US Infantry

United States Military

Jerusalem municipality, martial arts center, award for the promotion of self defense for women, 1999. A leader in the movement for women in martial arts and one of the promoters of the first ever martial arts seminar for women.

Awarded in appreciation by the Dunajsk√° Streda police department, Slovakia, in recognition for training them in Krav Maga.

The above are only a sample of the awards received during many years of devoted service. The main award is one that cannot be photographed; the  countless lives that have been transformed, changed for the better by Moshe Katz's Krav Maga training.