Testmonials for Moshe Katz, Krav Maga instructor

Michael Kaui, New Zealand, 

An excellent organisation with relevant up to date, easy to learn methods and philosophies taught by a humble human being - a rarity in martial arts. 

Being inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and awarded Krav Maga instructor of the year.

It’s such a brilliant system; Genius in its simplicity and effectiveness!

Dan Aoph, Australia

 israeli police force/investigative department

To the Honorable

Sensei Moshe Katz 

In my name and in the name of the Department for Forensic Identification, I wanted to thank you and your associates for the time and desire that you devoted to us and for your willingness to lecture our Forensic department on the topic of personal self defense and safety. 

We were happy to meet someone whos' body and soul are united, and who is happy to share his knowledge and vast expertise with his fellow man.

On a daily basis, we encounter violence and crime and we attempt to figure out their meaning. Therefore it is important for us to stop sometimes, imagine the actual violent crime, remember that we too might someday fall victim to it, and to learn how to avoid becoming an exhibit ourselves in the forensic labs.

With thanks and blessings, may there more like you in Israel.


Department Head, instruction, Forensic Crime Lab, 

Israel Police Force,

National Headquarters.

Law enforcement 


I wanted to thank you and write a brief recommendation. 

As a 30 year practitioner of various martial arts and an active law enforcement officer for 19 years, I highly recommend attending attending an IKI Krav Maga seminar with Moshe Katz.

His style is clear and easy to follow for all skill levels. He utilizes the principles of gross motor skills and the economy of motion, his application is simple to replicate and highly efficient under stress.

He is a very flexible and open minded instructor and after attending numerous seminars under other Krav systems and Instructors, I can say I walked away with many techniques that I found highly valuable and can utilize at work.

Thank you Moshe! 

C. Ervol 

Active Police Officer SCPD. NY.

I did train more systems was training with great and well know Krav Maga instructors but for me IKI system works the best for all kind of people. (police, security, citizens etc.) 

Harold van der Rijst, The Netherlands (Holland), professional bouncer, fighter, company owner, martial artist instructor, gym owner

Moshe Katz,

Thanks for all of your help and guidance. IKI Krav Maga plays a huge role in my life. I have used it many times during my normal duties.

 Jamie Compton  

I feel safer walking down the street because of all the concepts and principles you teach and I learn and teach. They let me walk more confidently and having a little more hope than other that if an attack should come, I at least have a fighting chance. The fact that these techniques are so engrained and a part of me is a testament to you, Moshe. Easy to learn, easy to use, and can be applied to many situations. 

Channel Esposito, USA, expert security 

Illinois Police


I attended your seminar in Illinois. 

As a law enforcement, defensive tactics instructor, I feel all officers should be trained in Krav Maga, what you teach, is realistic, straight to the point, simple to learn, easy to remember. Looking forward  to the next training. 

Kelly Okefe

Illinois law enforcement officer 

My officers and I found the Krav Maga techniques very useful for the situations we encounter on a daily basis.

John Monnet, County Sheriff, Effingham, Illinois

Indiana Police


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the training that I have received from you. I have been going through training for the last 4 months to become a Deputy Sheriff for our county. While much of the training is very good, the hand to hand combat and weapons combat is grossly archaic and I am concerned for my fellow officers of what may happen when they are forced to use the trained techniques.

Do largely to your training I have been able to share with them a few ideas and techniques that have them thinking about revamping their program. Hopefully in future seminars with you we will be able to train many more Law Enforcement Officers and provide them with safer techniques.

Robert Amos

It was very exciting to get an introduction to Krav Maga. Agent "K" and I took away a host of new knowledge from your class. If you ever find yourself back in country please let us know so that we can get together.

Michael Slater, FBI

We came to you for solutions to problematic situations we could not solve, situations we face on the street. You have solved this problems for us and we will incorporate your lessons into our curriculum. 

Clove, Vancouver Police Department Trainer. 

Arizona Sheriffs Dept

In Israeli Krav International, we strike to be innovators of Krav Maga excellence. We choose to take the path which crates a safer, more effective Krav Maga. Having taught at hundreds of colleges and universities, worked with elite military and tactical law enforcement , trained soccer mom's and college coeds; Chief Instructor Moshe Katz has a far reaching perspective from which to develop techniques, based on the principles of Krav Maga for anyone. Rather than take the path of least resistance and be imitators of Krav Maga past, he seeks an evolution which is applicable to modern assaults. Whether your need for Krav Maga is: making an arrest, in a combat field maneuver or protecting one's family, or just  get into shape and learn a new skill. IKI is here to assist you. IKI is filled with innovators NOT Krav Maga imitators. Please let us pass this gift on to you. 

Tim Hillis, Arizona, law enforcement

Moshe Katz information

“I realized that IKI Krav Maga, although honest and direct (and exceptionally effective), is much deeper than the physical techniques,” says Alan. “It embodies the very highest levels of strategic thinking; it is, in my opinion, the most intelligent combat system in the world.”

Alan Mann, Senior instructor, South Africa, decorated military veteran

I am 100% dedicated to my Friend and Teacher Moshe Katz (IKI). Integrity is important and I am Honored to be a Student of IKI! Prior to attending IKI Tour and Train, in November of 2012, I researched multiple "Krav Maga Schools" and made the best decision, by Traveling to Israel to learn from (as far as I am concerned,the Best Teacher Mr. Moshe Katz). I have 25 years of Law enforcement experience and am now credentialed to work as a Executive Protection Agent (Bodyguard) in California (USA). With the Krav Maga Training I received in November 2012 and the Training I continue to receive, keeps me "Ready" for any situation I may encounter. IKI Techniques are easy to learn, easy to retain and Very effective!

Your Loyal, IKI Student Manny Garcia!

Chino, Ca, USA

Martial arts masters

I have 36 years of experience in the martial arts. IKI in my opinion is the most up to date Krav Maga organization in existence. It also  has the safest techniques, especially for third part rescue and keeping innocent bystanders safe during disarming techniques, it is also a progressive system that continues to update techniques and find a better way. If you look at a Krav system and they are still doing techniques from ten years ago, then they probably are not doing the best possible solution for the given situation. This kind of training can best be explained through attending seminars, I would strongly suggest you attend an IKI seminar, whether as a member or non member so you can experience the difference yourself.  

John Liptak, Grand Master, American Combat Karate)

Coaches Larry N Jada is with J.w. Forshee and 10 others at G1 Martial Arts.Yesterday at 1:17 PM  · Dalton, GA, United States  · 

IKI Krav Maga:I've trained for nearly 38 years in martial arts and have tried various styles and schools. When I was introduced to IKI Krav Maga in 2012, I thought that I knew pretty much most of the material since I had been training so long. I was wrong!!I have tried various styles of Krav Maga and have worked with several different schools that have taught different versions of Krav Maga. After commiting to IKI, my knowledge and skill level has grown so much in the art. Master Moshe breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand. He makes it attainable to reach your goal of not only the rank but the knowledge of being safe no matter where you are.If you have ever been interested in Krav Maga, now is the time to get started. 

When you've looked at your material, gone to one of your seminars and practiced the movements, one can't help but see how the core movements feed one to another to another. How a "martial artist" or someone versed in self-defense techniques can not see how that benefits the Kravist in terms of simplicity and effectives, just leaves me dumbfounded. I think they want the flash and hype and are not disciplined enough to take your material and repeat the "basics" which build the foundation.  

Dave Cox, Kansas City, USA  

 Thank you Moshe for being my instructor. You creatie a system that works in real life everyone van do the technics and since i teach IKI and the way you do there were no injury's anymore during my lessons. Again thank you.

Harold van der Rijst, martial arts expert, Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Netherlands

Larry Chasteen, Head Coach, G 1 Martial Arts, Dalton, GA, USA

I've trained for nearly 38 years in martial arts and have tried various styles and schools. When I was introduced to IKI Krav Maga in 2012, I thought that I knew pretty much most of the material since I had been training so long. I was wrong!!

I have tried various styles of Krav Maga and have worked with several different schools that have taught different versions of Krav Maga.

After commiting to IKI, my knowledge and skill level has grown so much in the art. Master Moshe breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand. He makes it attainable to reach your goal of not only the rank but the knowledge of being safe no matter where you are.

If you have ever been interested in Krav Maga, now is the time to get started.

It really was fantastic!!  Moshe has once again distilled Krav Maga to a smaller, easier to learn, more effective method of self defense. Some of the simple modifications he has made from the foundation we already had are quite ingenious. Funny, but incorporates methods so similar to other RBSD's I had certified in before coming to IKI that it's going home again! However, the applications are far better and more effective. 

Tim Hillis, Arizona


Great movement, total success.  Just had a 6'8"  sized guy try it on me.  Worked! 

Channel, Security, Chicago, IL, USA

When I met IKI, I was looking for a project with Portugal bases with principles, honor and objectives in Krav Maga.

After years of experience in personal and Krav Maga defense after years of national and international seminars, after meeting different teachers and styles where all were the best in the world, I realized that it was a huge deal and who were lost and students who needed learn to defend yourself.

I was invited by the major schools in Portugal, Bukan, Yanilov, Gidon, Gabi Noah and many other lesser known, but also strong and with good Masters.

In all I would be recognized in my grades and courses, they all wanted my knowledge and dedication, but none could fill my heart and soul, I could not identify myself with any of the principles.

The only solution would be trough of my knowledge, and would open a real school of Krav Maga, for those who need to learn to defend themselves, for children, for the oldsters to one who does not have an arm but he wants to learn. A turn for the population and its needs school, a school with the mission of profit without selling courses and exams. A school for all and not for fighting champions.

I knew he would face all the already existing schools, but was proto to fight without fear, because he was going to win.

I found the IKI, and realized in its founder Moshe Katz the essence, the soul, the objectives of IKI.

When I spoke to Moshe Master and explained my goals for Portugal, he promised me nothing and offered nothing, explained to me the way to growth and the steps within the IKI.

I knew it would not have the equivalence of my cranes and courses, which would have to be tested, but I also know my value and knowledge and so these conditions received open heart without challenges nothing has value.

Personally I agreed, and still agree. The project in Portugal of IKI is present in two universities and two clubs, we are winning and succeeding.

And I'm an apprentice instructor, my concern is not the equivalences, my concern is the growth of IKI in Portugal, because my already is recognized both by my Master Moshe and by my peers in Portugal that much congratulated for their work.

Thank you for the trust Master Moshe, Thanks to all the family IKI.
Would not be possible without all the global level this growth.

Luis O
IKI Portugal

Moshe, It is a shame that people misunderstand this point. In the seminars we do train with "aliveness" without beating each other up. The point you make about the full contact training is very valid. I have over 32 years in martial arts. I have trained day in and day out with arguably the best striker in the UFC, Stephen Thomas and his brother in law in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Carlos Machado. Over the years I have also trained with multiple All American collegiate and Olympic wrestlers. When we trained normally the sessions were brutal. I usually had to ice up at night and was sore the next day. However when any of these guys did seminars there was almost never any full on sparring or grappling but rather technique and drilling. The are the best in the world and they have nothing to prove by beating up some schlep at some local seminar. I would expect the the same from my KM seminar.

What I have learned from IKI KM is not necessarily the better way to kick, punch, submit, or takedown someone but rather how those basic concepts can be simplified to better suit the realities of self defense. The advantage a BJJ instructor does have is that he can go almost full technique and cause the person to submit without hurting them. He "taps" out and the instructor proves his point. Unfortunately for KM instructors we will hurt them.

We still train MMA fighters that are now training KM as there base style, to include Kaleb. There are 64 illegal techniques in MMA that we can not use in the cage that we do use in KM. We are 4-0 vs the Gracie Schools we have faced with 2 stoppages and 2 unanimous decisions. Yes we can train and fight with aggression and resistance against the supposed "best" style in the world even without the "nasty" techniques we would use in a real fight. To be sure MMA and self defense are 2 different things but to those that argue IKI Instructors can't fight please send them to us. BTW Kaleb (1st degree IKI KM Blackbelt) won unanimous decision two weeks ago over Relson Gracie Fighter out of Atlanta. 

I have trained with the best in the world in striking and grappling and I am the person that chose to become a member of IKI. I would hope that alone would mean something. Best Regards, Chris

Chris Cromer, South Carolina, USA

Sean Amerson

Best post I've seen on Krav Maga on Facebook!

We've trained before and I always appreciated your humbleness.

Thank you for sharing this post. Imi would have approved of your comments.

Hello Sir.  I hope you are well. I wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I have done Martial Arts for 35 years now and I believe IKI is complete. I have trained in more than 10 different styles and I must say that your system is great. I appreciate you. Be safe and I'll see you in February. 

G1 Martial Arts

Larry Chasteen 

Moshe, Hope all is well. I read the blog. The kidnapping is big news here too. We are praying for them. You are right in that all you can do is keep doing what you can. Continue training people IKI KM. I looked out over the training floor last night at our 15 or so students Kaleb was teaching at the time. I can truly say we have changed their lives. I can see the difference in not only the ones that have been there a long time but also the ones that have been there only a few months. They are no longer easy victims. You can see it in their eyes. They don't have false confidence but rather a more realistic view of the world and how to deal with it. It is truly rewarding to see us making those changes though KM. For most of my 32 years in martial arts I focused on competition or training elite athletes or very capable military and law enforcement types. The last few years have been different. We have to make average people ready for potentially violent situations IKI has taught me to simplify. By doing what we do hopefully we can prevent the next tragedy. Thanks, Chris

Chris Cromer, South Carolina, USA

Hallo master Moshe!

Es ist Zeit für mich einmal von Herzen danke zu sagen das ich ihr Student sein darf !Ich war am we zu Gast in Slowenien auf einen Combat jitsu seminar und habe gesehen wie einzigartig und effektiv IKI Krav Maga ist !Ich bin über glücklich und stolz dein Student zu sein !!!

Vielen vielen Dank !

n Anerkennung dein harald

Hello master Moshe!

It's time for me to say thank you from the bottom of my heart that I'm your student! I've been guesting in Slovenia on a Combat jitsu seminar and have seen how unique and effective IKI Krav Maga is! I'm over happy and proud of yours To be a student !!!

Thank you very much! I

In recognition, your Harald

frogner atletklubb, norway

We were so lucky to get Moshe Katz to a seminar in Norway. It is almost difficult explaining how pleased we were after this seminar!

We knew from before that Moshe is a great teacher and person, but this was beyond every expectation. We learned more in two days then we could ever imagine. We want to thank you so much Moshe, and especially me (Morten) for sharing your wisdom with us. You are also a humble man with a lot of respect for other people. You are a great, great teacher and person!

If someone wondering about getting you to a seminar, we have only one thing to say: Go for it at once! You will never regret!

So we know you are also quite a musician, and want to finish with lyrics from AC/DC..... WE SALUTE YOU!

Morten Wang, and Frogner Atletklubb, Norway

I want to say thank you for another informative, professional and very interesting seminar. In my eyes this seminar was pure professional from the start to the end. You have (as always) the ability to share your thoughts behind the techniques and the gift to capture the attention of the group 100%. I look forward to the next seminar already. Bjørn Olsen


I'm not sure if you know but half of what teach the juniors is Krav Maga. I have attached a picture of Jenna in mid overhead knife defense, she wanted you to see it. Thank you for giving us such effective techniques that I feel comfortable teaching even my own children. I heard it is the most common knife attack in the world.

Scott F, Navarre, Fla, USA

Ich bin nun seid einigen Jahren bei der IKI. Nun möchte ich mich auf diesem Weg bedanken. Bei Moshe Katz und Esther Lehman. Die IKI ist für mich eine Familie geworden. Ich durfte an einigen Seminaren teilnehmen aber auch eine Reise nach Israel machen. Wo ich bei Moshe Trainieren konnte. Zu gleich aber auch Israel kennen lernen und zu schätzen wissen. Die Reise hat mich sehr inspiriert. Ich freue mich sehr auf ein Wiedersehen und die nächsten Seminare und Reise. IkI Krav Maga ist sehr zu empfehlen.

Sebastian Kellner, Germany

Dear Moshe Katz, I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my students. You gifted us with 2 wonderful days. Your knowledge, skills and empathy are exceptional and priceless. It is a privilege to learn from you. Every day anew. Cu soon!

Thanassi, Vienna, Austria

Elite Defense Academy, South Africa

In July of this year, we hosted Moshe Katz, our worldwide Chief Instructor, in South Africa for the very first time. For those who were privileged to spend the five days of intensive training under his guidance, it was not only a revelation, but an inspiring reminder that we’re all capable of so much more, and that the true spirit of Krav Maga is much deeper than simply learning how to fight. (Elite Defense Academy, South Africa)


As a student of Krav Maga and having had the opportunity and Honor of attending your seminar in South Africa recently. I wish to express my gratitude to you for sharing your extensive knowledge and expertise with us. The art of the IKI method of Krav Maga is in my opinion the purist form of Krav Maga available and I now understand why you are so stringent and reserved in the grading of your students. I'm a firm believer that an art must remain an art and to remain as pure as can be. One cannot copy a picasso and claim it to be a picasso because its not.

(Anthony Milner, September 2012)

Another of my Students was involved in an attempted robbery & hijack.

He did get cut a little but he did damage the attacker very badly.

He thanks me for the training he received, that’s no really true – Thank YOU Moshe for your training and patience in training me in IKI Krav and thanks to Nic for applying his learned skills.

You are the originator, he is the combat soldier, I am just the corner man, proud of my beginnings and of the results of the application of your concepts by others.

Thank you and Best regards

Alan Mann, South Africa (2019)

world black belt bureau

"I am very proud of you and the job that you do. It is clear that you are an excellent martial artist. You exemplify the essence of martial arts spirit with your integrity, courage, humility and strength of character. I am confident that you will continue to promote the martial arts in the most positive way."

Kang Rhee, Director, World Black Belt Bureau

Moshe was wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend him. He is not only an expert in his field, he also has great teaching ability. He doesn't just show you what he can do, more importantly he shows you what YOU can do!! Recently I had him out to my academy for a sold out seminar, everyone liked him so much we brought him back only a month later! I am proud to be a part of his organization and grateful to be able to bring him in for seminars when his is here in the U.S. Thanks Moshe! 

Craig Grey, Ronin Martial Arts, Michigan, USA

Hello Moshe,

Thought I would share this...

I was cleaning up my home office this weekend and came across some "Israeli fight Instructor" tapes that one of my students had purchased online a few years ago, and he had given them to me for review.

While Labeled "Israeli" but not specifically Krav, the sell was reality based training from a "seasoned" Israeli special forces trainer.

I just finished reviewing one of the tapes (I couldn't really take much more.) The lack of realistic training and the emphasis on concepts and show were all over it. After being with you and practicing the movements of the IKI, The techniques being taught were way off base.

How refreshing it is to receive material from you that takes all of about 30 seconds to learn. The principles of combat taught on this tape are not only lacking, but they are dangerous to would be students who view them thinking they have a grasp on what could really work for them forbid they need it.

As Krav Instructors, impressing an audience or wowing students should not be our concern. Instead, a desire to have them get home safe utilizing what ever they have to to do it.

Feel free to share this. We are privileged and honored to receive Instruction from someone like you who is humble, efficient and practical, while constantly looking to improve what all of us are counting on.

Thanks again. We can't wait to have you back in North Carolina.

Allan Branch, Martial Arts instructor, school owner, North Carolina CPT, SCS, NASM-PES

Fitness One Training Systems

IKI Instructor-North Carolina 

Moshe, it has been so energizing for me to have finally picked up a new system that I enjoy, I have been bored for the past several years, IKI has given me the boost I needed, even yesterday everyone of the martial artist I was with wanted to know all bout you and Krav Maga, this was just what I needed and I am proud to talk about you and IKI, everyone that sees and hears about the system is very impressed. Great stuff!

John Liptak, Florida, USA

 I love IKI's progress and The cutting edge that separates the IKI from other Krav Maga Organizations. We are very lucky to have you to guide us. When I see a technique that looks a little fancy, chances are it may fail at the time you need it most. I like ti take into consideration that I may be totally surprised by the attack and not in a ready to fight stance-When thinking about the unknowns and emotions that are involved fancy moves are out of the question especially if you are already cut and the attacker is like a sewing machine pumping stab after stab and slashing. Gross motor skills and the simplest of defense's will be more than likely your reaction. The IKI Krav Maga system with the constant updates make the simple things work and condition yourself for the worst case scenario.

Keeping it real and honest~ It is what it is~

Many Thanks, Gary Hodges Jr. Virginia, USA


Hello Moshe,

I would like to thank you for the three day Krav Maga seminar you presented. I didn’t know what to expect but belief I got more than what I could have hoped for. You’ve addressed a nagging concern that I’ve had in the back of my mind ever since I started martial arts; I’ve done Karate and Jujitsu in the past and am currently doing mixed martial arts. In all these styles I’ve seen and hopefully in some cases learned potentially very effective techniques to deal with a range of threats. My concern though has always been that the time you have to recognise the specifics of an attack and make a decision on an appropriate response will be very limited and that by the time that you’ve worked out what to do it will probably be too late. Maybe other people are different but I’m only training twice or sometimes three times a week however I don’t have the confidence that I will be able to react quick enough to deal with a threat. I’ve always understood that the response can be nothing more than a reflex – anything more than that will place you at risk. How long will you have to train in order to perfect these responses and bring the reaction time down to no more than a reflex? I don’t know but don’t belief it will be any time soon.

What you presented addressed exactly that, i.e. response time (or rather the lack of it), skill level, etc. You’ve showed me that you don’t have to be training for years to master a specific martial art style in order to become an expert and have the confidence that you’ll (maybe) be able to deal with a threat. I walked away from your three day Krav Maga seminar with more confidence in my ability to respond to a threat based on the techniques and concepts that you showed us than what I have after months of other martial arts training. The confidence is not based on my ability to master techniques but more based on the simplicity of the concepts!

I’ve come to realise that simplicity is deceiving and that complexity is a poor predictor of effectiveness.

Thank you once again.

Best regards,

Gert (Australia)

Thank you Moshe.

It is always sublime having you here visiting the states. The instructor training was excellent i always learn something new or find something to refine in my technique. It is always great to see your passion for people. You are always great at curtailing your instruction to fit the crowd you are teaching. A trait i hope to emulate much better someday.You are great at honing on individuals needs and shaping krav maga to meet them where they are at not to exclude them from the practice by requiring a particular build or fitness level. It gives me joy to see a CEO of a major international krav maga organization focus on saving lives not making money. I am truly blessed to have found this system, and these friends/instructors to train and grow with. None of this is possible without you. 

Infinite Thanks,

Brian Johnston, Ohio, USA

IKI is common sense techniques. What I love about it is that the training gets right to the point! When I wanted to learn a self defense/martial art, I wanted something that "took care of business" if you know what I mean! Moshe Katz is always looking for ways to expand and innovate. He brings a lot of heart to the training, and you immediately know that he really cares for people's safety in this dangerous world!

Kristin Clinton, Florida, USA

I was in the seminary in Argentina , I remember a fantastic experience. I learned several things about Krav Maga but I remember more the experience of sharing and meet extraordinary people. I went with the expectation of finding a tough instructor (Moshe Katz) , harsh , military-style , but met a single , charismatic man, who conveyed security and tranquility, always concerned about the safety of others, a profecional excellent , and most importantly a excellent person . Truly an unforgettable experience. PS : I also remember Yurico and kick right, ribs still hurt .. haha ​​!! All good people !

Sergio Werenitzky, Argentina

You are awesome and your techniques work. They are effective and user friendly. Keep doing what you do, because it is enriching people’s lives. (Annie Kluson, Krav Maga South Africa)

John Deem Truly impressive my dear friend. Think of all the positive impact you have made on the World. I can guarantee that you have been a huge influence on countless people. , I can attest to that myself. Great job Moshe, I am proud of all your success Man. Cheers to You, Esther and All of the Incredible people in the TourandTrain IkiOKI Family.Manage

Jason Lupke John Deem Moshi definitely made his mark in SA what a legendManage

John Deem Jason Lupke he was the first one to introduce me to SA, and all of Y'all tough Oaks down there. Cheers BoeMana

Hello Master Moshe!

It's Shannon Brewer from Emerald Coast Martial Arts! 

Thank you for the seminar! There was a serenity and strength in the way you taught us that I can't say I've experienced ever. It made the experience so much better and made us all better for attending. Of that I am sure.

Gratitude and Blessings,

Shannon Brewer(Florida, USA)


I had such a wonderful time in class on Sunday 11/9/08. I know with 100% certainty that I will be better able to defend myself and others because of the techniques I learned yesterday. You are a fantastic instructor and I thank you.

I have the honor to trained under Mr. Katz and he is a great krav maga instructor, well knowledgeable.

Emmanuel Orega, Hawaii,

Good morning Moshe,

Jeannie and I appreciated you taking the time to visit with us while you were here in Florida.  Your mission is so important to us and with a busy schedule it must be difficult to see everyone you know. 

 After I started taking Krav Maga I knew that I wanted Jeannie to start to be able to protect herself should I not be around.  I am planning to put Ryan our 12 yr old in it when he turns 16.  I have already started to show him some moves, just not the lethal ones.  He already had 6 years in Tae Kwon Do and he will have 4 yrs in Ju-jitsu, when he starts taking Krav.  Roman, our 6 year old had been taking Tae kwon do for a year now.  He will probably take the same training path as Ryan did.  I want both my boys to be able to protect themselves as well.  

You are such a great mentor to our family and we thank you and John for having a humbled demeanor towards everyone. 

We wish you a safe trip throughout traveling here in the US and a safe return home.


Florida, USA

I am a Krav student in Florida under John Liptak. My husband is Shawn Hill. I met you once last testing cycle and was inspired by all that you shared at your visit. I also read your book recently and really appreciated the opportunity to get to know more about Israel through your experiences. I look forward to meeting again next week.

I forgot that I had written some about my Krav experience a few months ago. I want you to know how much your hard work means to me . . . 

Thank you for your dedication,

Jeannie Hill 

My Krav Journey

I started taking Taekwondo four years ago. I enjoyed the forms, but I hated the self-defense segments. Instead of feeling more confident, I left feeling vulnerable. The techniques were hard. They usually didn't work for my small stature. I couldn't find the pressure points and was unable to successfully complete the tasks. I laughed through these, masking a growing realization that I could not protect myself. I left training these days feeling insecure.

I started Krav at the begging of my husband. He loves it and would come home from class eager to show me what he had learned. After a friend's house was broken into, I decided that I might need more self-protection skills. Social media is full of images of thugs attacking the weak. The notion of “pick on someone your own size” seems to be a distant memory of a time when standards were somewhat intact.

I entered the door of John Liptak's Krav Maga training center and was slightly uncomfortable. Replicas of large guns lined the wall. The class was full of mainly men. I was thankful that my husband was able to show me around. Then John entered the room. His light-hearted and jovial personality put me at ease. He minimized the seriousness of the content with fun-loving banter. I was amazed at the simplicity of most of the moves. Even more amazing was the realization that it could be accomplished even by little old me. When the techniques didn't fit my size, John and the other instructors showed me specifically what I could do. Instead of feeling frustrated with what didn't work, I felt empowered by their ability to show me what would work.

I still struggle in class at times. The content is severe. For a man, the main thought is “who will win the fight”. The worst the happens is death. If death were the only fear, it wouldn't be that bad. For a woman, the fear is capture. The fear is being locked in a basement and raped repeatedly. The fear is becoming a victim of human trafficking. There are times when we practice scenarios in class that cause these fears to surface. They bring the reality of my vulnerability in the open. I have never been attacked, but I still have the fear inside. The soothing and inspiring force that breaks through the fear is my instructors and the simplicity of Krav. I used to leave each week wondering how they found this perfect balance. . .

Meeting Moshi provided my answer. His gentle spirit entwined with his deep drive to help others embodies the spirit of Krav. The nation of Israel is like a victimized woman. They know the fear. They feel the pain of the past. They have haunting memories. From this, Moshi constantly works to help all.

I am past forty. I am under five feet tall. I have a plate in my back. I learn slowly. I bruise easily. After a year of Krav, my view of these issues has changed. The are no longer valid excuses. The simplicity and natural movements in Krav make it work for everyone. My insecurities are fading away as the techniques become more automatic. I will never be completely safe from harm, but I now know that I am far from defenseless.  . .

Jeannie Hill, Florida USA

You are very special for me and for all that people around the world. Your IKI was made and still working with heart, not only with fists, grabs and elbows.

Elizabeth Myroshnychenko

IKI Ukraine

I recently attended a weekend seminar of Krav Maga with Moshe Katz in Durban.
I've never done Krav Maga before and all I really knew about it was that it involved hand-to-hand combat techniques and potentially very complicated techniques at that.

I loved every single minute of the seminar and found the techniques surprisingly simple, yet devastatingly effective if applied correctly. Moshe has a brilliant way of breaking each technique down into small steps and then telling little stories about the techniques and how you need to position yourself or your hands & body to help you remember.

Christine & I will continue to practice the techniques we learnt, as we plan on implementing some of them in our beginner and advanced women's self-defense seminars.

I can't wait for Moshe to come back to Durban again for the next seminar!

Ann du Plessis
Fight Like A Girl, South Africa

Hi Moshe

The IKI method is a more instinctive defence which I really like.  Whether  its an uppercut punch or a stab the technique is the same. Your thinking and techniques are light years ahead of anything else. Great stuff!

Many Thanks

Lawrence (UK)

Dear Moshe,

It was really good to at last meet you during your Springfield, IL, seminar. I was most impressed by your teaching at the seminar. You were clear and concise in your demonstrations and in your assistance to people trying the techniques, and you were never abrupt or hectoring as too many MA instructors seem to be. You were always kind and gentlemanly in your treatment of the students. Very impressive, indeed. In addition, I really liked the techniques you were teaching. They varied ever so slightly from what I've seen of Krav Maga in the past, and the variations were, in each instance, an improvement on what I had previously seen.

Congratulations! Keep up the very good work. Cheers, Dr. John P, Illinois

"..your style is adaptable and evolving. I feel confident we are putting out a class A product. All the best." , Chris, South Carolina, USA

Hi Moshe, 

Thank you for, once again, coming to South Africa & sharing your wonderful craft with us. All the students loved the time spent together & loved the insight & techniques imparted. 

Alan Mann, South Africa

Moshe, As a student of Krav Maga and having had the opportunity and Honor of attending your seminar in South Africa recently. I wish to express my gratitude to you for sharing your extensive knowledge and expertise with us. The art of the IKI method of Krav Maga is in my opinion the purist form of Krav Maga available and I now understand why you are so stringent and reserved in the grading of your students. I'm a firm believer that an art must remain an art and to remain as pure as can be. One cannot copy a picasso and claim it to be a picasso because its not.

(Anthony Milner, South Africa, September 2012)

 giusto...molto interessante tra l altro il seminario di moshe ...direi una persona molto semplice e simpatica...ma anche un grande esperto di krav maga!Non sono daccordo con chi insegna il krav maga con tecniche complicate e poco reali..il krav maga e efficace per la sua semplicita...ma alcuni"maestri"fanno video bellissimi da vedere su youtube..ma gli stessi vorrei vederli fuori dalla palastra in un contesto urbano..

Fabiano Baldi

ieri giornata memorabile con il Maestro Moshe Katz 8 ore di stage a Stazzano e a conferma della preparazione riconoscimento ufficiale del grado di Istruttore. Oltre 70 i partercipanti.....Grazie Master Moshe.."

Adry Giacobs

  June 2012

Thank you very much Mr. Moshe for what you taught us and for the simplicity and humility with which you conducted the seminar; qualities that distinguish a great man. (Massimo Repetto)

Thank you for an incredible 5 day seminar. Thank you for being the teacher - for it is people like you that make a difference to people like me. Thank you for being selfless and patient and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. You will be greatly blessed and highly favored. (Jenni Retief, South Africa)

In a short period of time, I regard you as a Master or Guru. I can see when you teach something it comes from genuinely within yourself. I have watched a lot of Krav Maga videos, they are too commercial.

I hope this good relationship be for a long term. I value each video you send. It takes effort and time to such stuffs.

I am really blessed to know you. 

A true Master Always Brings the Best Out of his Disciples. He always says to his student, "It's not what you do that matters, it's how you do. You have to manifest your inner strength by expressing your passion and love. Teachers may not be rich people, but they are wealthy with their knowledge shared to the whole world. 

This is what I truly feel about you Moshe. 

Dave Adrian, Malaysia 

 stories from our iki instructors


Wow.  I'm humbled and honored that you'd share my experiences having been with IKI for only a little under a year.  I'm glad that even a new instructor is able to share things that can be helpful.  This shows me that you truly value everyone within your organization and acknowledge that everyone can bring useful information to the 'table' no matter how much experience they have.  I'm very happy to be apart the the IKI family.  There is no other Krav Maga organization that I would even dream being apart of. 

Thank you.  

Jeff Webb

DKM Instructor 

IKI Level 1 Instructor

Hi Moshe!

I just thought I'd share this with you. I had a man contact me a week ago and I invited him to come and see a class. He's a large, muscular guy, but very pleasant. He seemed very impressed, but said he was experiencing a difficult patch and could only really afford to start in the new year.

I told him not to worry about it, and that he was welcome to start training in the meantime, and he could pay me when it was affordable for him.

He came to his first class last night, very quiet, very attentive.

Below is the email he sent me earlier today.

Before you read it, I just want to echo his words and say thank you to you for all you do for us.

Kind regards,

Des.  (Des Brown, South Africa)

Here is his email to me: 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to train with you. You have no idea of the depth of my gratitude.
I always thought I was a reasonably tough guy that could handle myself, I even proved it a few times in my life for all the wrong reasons.
Last year I was working a contract in Nigeria and got taken for ransom. They were actually after my boss but got me instead. Knowing that I am not the "money man" they decided I was only good for giving them information. This was extracted from me on a nearly daily basis. I managed to escape on day 98 and ran.
Long story short. I returned a broken man and very quickly turned into an alcoholic. An attempted suicide followed 3 months ago. I checked myself into rehab, found God and came out a more stable but still paranoid person.
Then I met you and trained with you last night. I can not describe the feeling of driving home and walking into my house without the feeling of near crippling fear. For the first time in more than a year I was not driving with panic attacks when I spotted somebody next to the road. I was driving with confident awareness that I could handle any situation to protect the person sitting next to me who I love most in my life.
You have given me back my manhood and I will never be able to thank you enough. I can not imagine what I will feel like after a year if one lesson had this effect.
Thank you once again.
Best wishes and blessings.

J V. South Africa.

What makes Moshe's Krav so innovative is that the techniques are principle based, and those principles are universal, which means that we can have one technique that works for multiple attacks.  So it may feel that we're doing the same thing when in fact it's a version of the same technique, but it's being applied to a completely new attack or scenario.

Mike Jensen, Colorado, USA

Moshe:  I know that we (you, IKI, me, etc.) don’t promote violence but this (absolutely true) story is too good not to pass along to you.  Jamie Compton, our key LEO student works as head of the SERT and ICE teams in the Hall County prison.  His job is dealing with very “bad-ass” prisoners who have nothing much to lose by taking out a guard or LEO, etc.

Anyhow, I got a call at 8:30 last night from Jamie.  He was trying to deal with one of these prisoners (the guy was on drugs as well as big and very mean) and to settle him down.  Nothing worked and the prisoner kept on and on.  Jamie asked the other guards to open the cell door and Jamie went in to try to diffuse the situation.  The prisoner charged and took a big swing but Jamie did exactly what I have taught him.  He instantly attacked (moved INTO) the attacker, landed one good palm strike to his chest and the guy was down and totally out. 

Jamie and the rest of our crew has worked very hard to accept and incorporate what I call the counter intuitive method of moving into the attacker even when he’s coming at you.

Anyhow, proof is nice once in a while.  I thought you’d appreciate this one.  Jamie has been in a large number of fights in the past, many in the prison system, but always had to struggle through them until now.  Bottom line is simple:  IKI/KM works if you teach it right!

 Hal Herndon, Georgia Mountain Krav Maga, USA

Adam Gordon What you wrote was beautiful, Moshe. Mr. Cohen always brought your name up whenever we talked about martial arts (which was quite often). He had so much respect for you as a fellow martial arts instructor as well as a friend. He will be missed by so many of us who have been blessed by his teachings and friendship over the years. Let's chat soon.

Progressive Kenpo Karate, Cardio Kickboxing and Krav Maga is with Amy Giles.

February 24, 2019  · 

Thank you, Moshe, for another fun and fulfilling seminar! To think, when we met, I had almost decided to leave Krav Maga behind (the organization I belonged to at the time was grossly money hungry, withheld knowledge and lacked a progressive nature).

Fortunately, God intervened and set us both on a new journey! Thank you for changing my life and, in turn, the lives of the students I'm blessed to know and train. Kenpo Karate is fun and has so much to offer, but the self-defense that IKI Krav Maga brings to our program is unparalleled. In your book, "Krav Maga Blogs 2009 Early footsteps from Judea", you referred to me as 'Mrs. Krav Maga'. I had forgotten about that blog post from so along ago. Griffin thinks it's the coolest thing in the world that you honored me with such a title . I see it as a reminder to live up to the compliment...to give my students my all every time I step on the mat, to refuse stagnancy, be open to change, explore new techniques and to do it all with a kind and genuine heart.

Thank you to my friends and students for training with me on Wednesday and every week and to Ryan and Devin for organizing all of the travel details to get you here! Here's to creating awareness and living in hope of creating a safer future for our children!

Dear Moshe,

I would just like to thank you for your time and the expertise that you shared with us during the seminar you presented in Durban, South Africa.

The feedback I have received from all the students of Contact Combat Academy who attended has been excellent, what was noted specifically, over and above your deep knowledge of the Krav system, was the new energy that was injected after your motivational anecdotes which conferred a deeper understanding and appreciation of the spirit of Krav Maga.

Once again, a sincere thank you for all the effort that you are putting into maturing the IKI family.

Best regards,
Tony Hardy, South Africa


I just wanted to let you know that I cannot thank you enough for your visit. It was GREAT seeing so many students in there, all learning and getting excited about Krav Maga. 

We love what you bring to your seminars. Your passion for teaching people to learn to defend themselves matches ours.

The world is getting scarier every day, and I feel great about myself knowing that I teach people how to defend their lives. I'm excited about continuously learning from you. You are an awesome mentor in many ways.

Thank you so much.

Carrie Banton, Florida, USA

Tony Preston Takes more than slapping students around and acting tough to become a master. The master can prove toughness with a solid track record of honing his skills with the best it becomes unnecessary to grunt and act like a Rambo figure, the master dedicates his life to helping others advance in theirs and the master virtually lives on a plane travelling the world to spread the message of peace through IKI Krav Maga , great respect to Moshe Katz a master of Krav Maga

Tony Preston, United Kingdom

What I absolutely adore about IKI is that it can be taught painlessly to beginners to affect great pain to attackers with the need arises. For all ages, shapes, temperament and sizes. It drew me in and has kept me.  I'm in it to win it Maestro. I'm a big fan of IKI. Keep up the great work! See you soon.

Rob Wallace, GA, USA

Hi Moshe,

I wanted to send you this email to thank you for your teachings and ability to apply that wisdom to save my life.

I had a surreal experience today!

I had a meeting scheduled this morning with a gentleman and lady to conclude a donation to a children's home for Christmas toys. I arrived at the property believing it belonged to them, once they started showing me around I soon realised there was no children, at that moment the lady put a large kitchen knife to my right side close to the kidney "behind my right arm". The gentleman then pulled out a revolver "I thought it was a 32 caliber but apparently it was a 38". He pointed the gun to my lower neck upper sternum... At that point I had the ability to assess the situation and go for the greater threat being the gun. The revolver was about half a meter away from me, I knocked the woman's arm to my side and I did a straight forward gun disarm, a technique Alan tought me on my 1st day, also the same technique you showed me the first time I met you here in SA and again the same technique you thought on the first day of the Tour and Train in Israel.

A simple little disarm I have performed probably a thousand times and never did I expect it to be so effective.

Once I took the leap of faith in your training and the ability God gave me, the gun was in my hand... I paused for about half a second I didn't realise the gun was in my hand already :) "it was so easy to take it away from him" almost like picking the oranges off your mom's tree.

D. S. South Africa

THIS is why we chose IKI. We are not here to put on a flashy "krav maga" show or to treat people like they are numbers. It really said a lot to us when you spoke of being a father figure to your students. We see our students as family- important lives that we must teach how to defend.
         I am proud, so proud of how far you have guided me along. I taught a krav maga class last night and duplicated your caring and genuine ways. This was, of course, easy for me since I had gotten 8 hours of sleep and had only a 20 min commute. The class went great.
       I personally appreciate your having listened to me and giving me heartfelt advice. I did listen and remember your kind and wise words.
       You left us excited about our future in teaching your krav maga techniques.  Thank you so much for doing what you do for us and our students.
Carrie Banton


So happy that I had the opportunity to work with you and that the students were able to share your skill sets on their campuses! I know after every event the students would call me to let me know “how awesome Moshe Katz was” on campus.

Jenn Gutman, "The David Project", USA

I have received the evaluation from Virginia Commonwealth University and they were thrilled. Judy Novenstein, ICC - Israel on Campus Coalition


Congrats on an amazing tour - we heard wonderful things all around! As usual, your presentations were fun, informative, engaging and attracted a lot of 'out of the box' people. We have been covering your tour extensively in our newsletters - not to mention the pictures all over Facebook :)

Thanks for all your hard work.

Natalie Menaged. Hasbara Fellowships, North America


Dear Moshe,

Thank you for hosting the Krav Maga session at Harvard! The event was very successful and we are appreciative of your efforts.


Treasurer, Harvard Students for Israel

Lynn University

Moshe - After all the planning, I would like to extend my appreciation for the self defense knowledge you instilled in us at Lynn University. All those who attended the seminar are very grateful they did so. It was both fun and informative...a definite highlight of the school year. Once again, thank you so much for all your enthusiasm in teaching us Krav Maga!

-Ryan S. Feigenblatt,

Lynn University. October 2007

Boca Raton, FL

Arizona State - Jujitsu Club


I represent the ASU Ju-Jitsu club. I just wanted to thank you for the seminar last month. Everyone from our group who went enjoyed it, and they all learned something new. I personally went to a disarm class last week were they charged $75 per person and only taught one technique. Long story short, I think it is sometimes hard for college students (even martial artists) to appreciate the value of a seminar like this, but it was valuable and we appreciate you doing it. Good class, and thanks again,

ASU Ju-Jitsu club

Baruch, New York City

On behalf of the students and the staff-Thank you very much (The students loved you). Lets stay in contact

Veronika Lacktman

Israeli program coordinator

Baruch College New York, NY

Virginia Common Wealth University (VCU), University of Richmond

The events with you were a smashing success. Thanks for being so easy to work with.

Craig Hoovler,

Krav Maga has always been the most successful event of the year and having you at VCU has always been a great time.

Steven Flick

University of Virginia (UVA)

"Moshe Katz brilliantly explained Israel's survival mindset through Krav Maga, helping students understand what it is like to live surrounded by enemies. Students not only enjoyed the physical activity, but walked away with a better understanding of Israel's struggle for survival."

Reece Epstein, a leader of Hoos for Israel,

Georgia Tech

Great class, I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons on proper fighting mentality and individual techniques.

Brian, Georgia Tech


Hi Moshe,

I want to thank you once again for coming to Princeton. I thought the event was a huge success. All the students I have talked to said that they had a lot of fun learning Krav Maga. Thank you for the photographs.

Thank you,

David Levitt, Princeton, New Jersey, USA


the event was outstanding, a great success,

Tim Ravis, Coordinator Student Activities


I still hear great feedback from last year on how good your session was, so we really are looking forward towards having you here! (and coffee is on us!!!)

Anat Yitzhaki, Israel emissary , The Jewish Agency

Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada

Shalom Moshe,

I had the pleasure of attending a training class put on by Hillel In Edmonton Alberta and I want you to know that the techniques you taught us and the explanation for the need of these techniques really stuck with the people that attended. After you left, we all still try to practice some moves on each other and each person has tried to show their friends what we learned. Overall it was a very memorable program and everyone wants you to come back! Thanks so much.

Seth Glick


Dear Moshe Katz

Thanks so much for teaching the Israeli self-defense class at Georgetown yesterday. You have such interesting stories and I learned a lot; you are a great teacher! I'll let you know if I ever manage to visit Israel, as now I am well prepared to defend myself should anything happen

Thanks again


You've organized really great workshops for Hillel. Moshe Katz is great because he makes it funny yet also educational talking about the history & current state of things in Israel. Not sure if there's anyone else close to that - an online search & calling local martial arts gyms have left me with little hope.

Sara, Richmond, Va.

Testimonial for On-Line Training

This material is so awesome! I cant wait to share these new techniques with my crew.I have noticed so many people that have been in traditional karate for years want me to show them Krav Maga. I know the reason..It is because it works and is practical.

You are a great instructor, the short clips are straight to the point and easier to pick up on than a long drawn out one.It is a very good learning tool.

I am proud of Krav Maga and IKI.

Gary Hodges, Jr.


These are great...thanks! The way you send them are fantastic, small technique snips that can be practiced and the close ups on the hands helps with positioning... Without a long string of clips

Dr. Kelly Mehrer, N. Carolina


You are far more than a martial arts instructor, you are a true educator. (Professor Roni Vax, historian)

Thank you, Moshe, for sharing this intimate snapshot into what it takes to teach, mentor, guide, and inspire others. This is a difficult journey, and I sympathize as well as draw strength to overcome my own struggles simply from hearing how you overcome yours.

Have a freilichen (and restful) Purim!

Michoel  Shapiro  (Rabbi, Brooklyn)

If God is with you, you cannot fail. (Rabbi Noah Weinberg, of blessed memory)


Svietka Rivilis

moish--u r a soldier and a warrior--u always were and always be...it is who u r