Krav Maga Empowerment

There are many reasons to study martial arts in general and Krav Maga in particular. Clearly the ability to defend oneself is high on the list of reasons for training. Physical fitness is also a commonly cited reason, but this too is not the only reason. Perhaps the most important reason is personal empowerment; taking charge of your life.

In the past two hours I have heard moving stories from two women, one from Europe, the other from the USA. Both had experienced some very troubling events in their lives, and for both, Krav Maga training was a major factor in taking charge of their lives and making significant positive changes, changes they would not have had the courage to do otherwise.

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Kaya and Tala Arthur, yellow belts. Empowerment through training.

Both are determined to use their skills and new found self confidence to help others. They want to help those who have been abused and feel powerless to respond. They want to teach them that one can change, one can take charge of their life.

Krav Maga training has the ability to make one feel strong, in control of their personal destiny. I guess it is like Jennifer Lopez in "Enough". When you feel you had enough you can turn to Krav Maga and start a process, a process of growth. It is a process of returning to your true self, a self you may have forgotten long ago.

One of our members wrote me the following words today; ""You are working hard for all of your members as we work hard for our students. We should all give back to each other in the process and that does make it all worthwhile as you said:)

She express that my devotion to my students/members of IKI ( Israeli Krav International ) inspires her to make the same effort for her students. This is truly a matter of passing on a gift.

May our Krav training continue to be a positive force in our daily lives. (and heck, it's cheaper than therapy).

Next Tour and Train

Our next session of Tour and Train, intensive Krav Maga training in Israel, starts June 11, 2012,

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