I have seen a face

April 17, 2016, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

I've just seen a face
I can't forget the time or place...

Of course the Beatles were writing about romance, but they were also writing about life itself, our lives, our daily mundane lives. We all see faces, everyday, all the time, but we forget the time and place.

We forget who we saw and when, and under what circumstances, and then, that person can cause a great deal of harm. People in the security profession learn to notice faces, people, and patterns of behavior. A man working the door at a club must remember faces, he must remember how a certain person behaved last time and he must notice patterns. He must also pick up hints of future behavior. Subtleties unnoticed by most can give clues of violent disruptive behavior. One must anticipate trouble rather than just react. 

Real self-defense is much more than reacting tot trouble, it is seeing the pattern, reading the writing on the wall and preventing the outbreak of trouble. The best defense will never be known to most because nothing actually happened. Lack of any action does get notice, because nothing happened, but yet a great deal of harm was prevented.

Everyone knows the history of World War Two, a thousand and more movies have been made on this important topic, untold numbers of books have been written.  But what if it had never taken place? What if some brilliant military and political minds thwarted the attempts of the evil war makers and prevented the war from ever happening?

We would never know about it and we would never appreciate those who stopped the wars. We see the guy who stops the drunken bad guy in the pub but do we notice the quiet guy, who with a few subtle words prevented the violence?

And which approach is better? A true master prevents the fight but achieves the results he wanted. A smile can sometimes disarm better than a fist.

And it takes true wisdom to know when to use each. 

Are you a calming effect on others or do you instill anger and controversy wherever you go?

Are you a peace maker or a war maker?

Do you quietly prevent trouble from happening or do you use a shotgun to kill an ant?

I have just seen a face and I want to study that face and understand it. I don't like surprises of this sort. We must learn to notice people. We must observe the faces.

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