With IKI Krav Maga we do not have a strict list of requirements for each belt. We do not hand our instructors a manual with the list for Yellow Belt through Black Belt, we only offer a guideline which you can find on the links below.

What is more important is understanding the concepts and learning how to apply them in an infinite number of situations. Memorizing techniques has its limits, and as soon as one is no longer actively training he will forget the vast majority of what it took him years to learn. What we are interested in is the deeper understandings of concepts: Body movement, Flow of energy, Concentrating force to increase force and impact, A single defense that can be applied to multiple diverse situations. 

Thus while each rank is expected to cover more situations it is not a matter of learning more techniques, it is a matter of doing the Basics Better and of reaching a deeper understanding of the technique. Mastery involves making the technique a part of your body and your body part of the technique, As Bruce Lee wrote; When I began the martial arts a kick was just a kick, when I learned the martial arts a kick was no longer just a kick, when I mastered the martial arts, a kick was just a kick. 

We aim to make your Krav Maga just that, part of you; a kick is just a kick and it will be as natural as shaking a man's hand. 

Krav Maga Yellow Belt

Krav Maga Orange Belt

Krav Maga Green Belt

Krav Maga Blue Belt

Krav Maga Brown Belt.

Black Belt

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