Instructors Page

The idea of this page is to provide IKI Krav Maga Instructors with easy access to information they need without having to search all over the website.

General Information

For general information for instructors in terms of our policies, please see Certification page. Please study this page carefully so we can avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

Too often members make assumptions which are not correct, such as

  • My black belt from another style gives me an identical rank with IKI
  • Being an instructor automatically gives me the right to teach seminars, i.e. accept invitations to teach seminars under the IKI banner. 
  • Promote my students to any rank I want. 
  • I can leave IKI, declare myself a grand master and list IKI as a reference. 
  • I can leave IKI and still claim an IKI Black Belt indefinitely. 

None of these assumptions is correct. Please refer to the Certification page for the correct information. 

IKI Logo

You may use the IKI logo to promote your school/business

We request that you display the IKI logo in your school and on your website.

Be proud to be part of IKI. Let your students know you are teaching IKI Krav Maga.

Rules for Instructors

The IKI Logo is for the benefit of all IKI instructors but there are some rules we need to make clear.

You May

Print banners and business card with IKI logo

Print stationary with the IKI logo.

Print invoices with IKI logo.

Use the IKI logo for your website

Use the IKI logo for advertisement.

Use the IKI on your school/signs, billboards.

You may use the IKI logo on student attendance certificates when Moshe Katz is invited to teach a seminar.

You may print special items for Moshe Katz's seminars, please consult with us first.

You May NOT

Print T shirts or other merchandise using the IKI logo unless you have arranged this with IKI Administration – Head office. (for a fee)

Print diplomas or any rank certificates using the IKI logo.

Issue any rank without the approval of Moshe Katz. (each instructor level is entitled to promote up to a certain level).

IKI logo on flyers

Please do not place the IKI logo next to the logo of another international Krav Maga association.

I.e. You can and should place the IKI logo on your flyers next to your own personal school logo, but not next to some other international Krav Maga association logo as this would imply IKI endorsement and thus create total confusion. When in doubt contact Moshe Katz directly. Each of you have a direct connection without intermediaries. 

Possible exceptions: Major martial arts events sponsored by several Krav Maga associations, this would make sense. 

Explanation: IKI has its own unique program and approach to Krav Maga. If you have some connection to some other organization (perhaps past ranks etc) and you place both logos on your flyers this creates confusion. People will look and think, I guess IKI and IKWMFE  (fictitious name) are the same! I guess the techniques are all basically the same, I guess all Krav Maga is essentially the same thing. 

Many people think this way and it is our goal at IKI to establish the fact that what we offer is different from all other Krav Maga associations. 

Hosting a Seminar

All the information you need to host an IKI seminar. This includes travel, costs, conditions, housing, cancellation fees, etc.

Please see

Hosting a seminar  

Seminar deposit $350

Seminar fee $750

Renew Your IKI Membership

IKI Membership

Krav Maga Certification Process

Krav Maga Certification

Tour and Train

for full information about this important program.

Tour and Train Israel Experience

Register Tour and Train

Order Krav Maga Rank Diplomas

Ordering IKI Krav Maga diplomas for students $10

Diplomas are $10 each, they come signed by Moshe Katz with space for the local instructor to sign. We will also be happy to fill in all the information; student name in English and Hebrew, rank, dates. Or if you prefer we can leave those for you to fill in.

Ordering IKI Kickboxing diplomas for students

 $6 each

Emergency Fund

From time to time members need help

$25, to help out members in need. Moshe Katz will personally match every donation. 

This fund was established to help out members who have fallen on hard times. Your generosity to your colleagues is appreciated.

Sample: this one was made for Morten Wang in Norway.

Ordering T shirts in Bulk

You can mix and match: all styles, all colors, just send us an e mail with the details.

20 pack $260


Apprentice Instructor patch $5

Assistant Instructor Patch $5

Associate Instructor Patch $5

Full Instructor Patch  $5

Master Instructor Patch $5

IKI Patches, 10 pack  $50


DVD  Ten pack  $100

Purchase DVDs to sell to your students

T Shirts

Instructor T shirt Green, English

Sizes: Green Instructor T shirt

Instructor T shirt Black, English

Sizes Black Instructor T shirt

Instructor T shirt Gray, English

Sizes Gray Instructor T shirt

Dri fit Instructor T shirt English, Black

Black Dri Fit

Dri fit Instructor T shirt Hebrew, Black


Testing and Certification

Krav Maga

Apprentice Instructor Certification:   $160

Assistant Instructor certification:   $180

Associate Instructor Certification  $200

Full Instructor Certification $250

Master Instructor  $100

Krav Maga Black Belt Ranks

First Dan Krav Maga Black Belt  $280

Second dan Krav Maga Black Belt  $350

Third dan Krav Maga Black Belt $500

Fourth dan Krav Maga Black Belt  $400

Fifth dan Krav Maga Black Belt  $360

Israeli Kickboxing

First dan Black Belt Kickboxing  $160

Second dan Kickboxing Black Belt  $180

Third dan Kickboxing Black Belt $170

Fourth dan Kickboxing Black Belt $160

Fifth dan Kickboxing Black Belt $150

Kickboxing Instructor certification $100

IDF Pants $49

Waist Sizes (inches)

Kickboxing Shorts $35

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