ability and Belief
by Moshe Katz
Israeli krav international

May 17, 2020, Israel

Action And Belief, call them A and B. What do they mean? How do they impact our lives and our perception of reality? How do they affect our delusions? Let us think for a moment; a man claims to be religious and yet does not attend religious services. He claims that he does believe, but he takes no action. Does his lack of action prove his lack of belief? It does not. Belief does not always translate into Action. There are many reasons for this; could be in our example that he simply cannot make the time, or that he is taking care of an elderly relative, or he lives far away, or he is forced to make a living, or he himself is handicapped, etc. The point being that lack of Action does not prove lack of Belief. 

Let us take another example; there is someone, or a group, out there that believes your life has no value, that it can be taken at will, and yet this person takes no action. You might be fooled into believing that the lack of Action implies a lack of Belief. You would be incorrect. The penalty for being incorrect is not an "F" on an exam, it could be a home invasion, a knife to your throat, a gun to the head, the rape of a loved one, or murder. Lack of Action does not prove lack of Belief. 

Let us take anti-Semitism as an example. There have been periods in various lands where things looked good for the Jew; Jews were able to achieve positions of prominence and were allowed the freedom to accumulate wealth and contribute to society. Society as a whole was successful, peace reigned. Perhaps even a benevolent lord, king, or queen, ruled the land. Some Jews, the foolish ones, believe that the lack of Action by Jew-haters indicates a lack of hatred. This would be a mistake, a deadly one. For people do not change much, it takes a very long time, but seasons change, economic and political conditions change and with each change a different group has a chance to raise its' head.

In the 19th century the climate was right for young men to dream of utopia, thus a Karl Marx emerges. The 19th century was also a time ripe for nationalism, for a Giuseppe Garibaldi to emerge. The 1960's was a time ripe for idealism, for Flower Power. In each age a different group will blossom, but the ideas are never new. The ideas have always been there, but lay dormant, like a seed waiting for its proper season, hiding in the ground, unnoticed for a very long time. A wise man will know that these elements are always there and one must be aware that it is only a matter of time until the idea, a good one or a bad one, will reemerge in deadly force.

The Torah/Bible warns us of this very clearly, that even in a time of peace the horse of war must ready. That even a scholar must be trained for battle, that even a patriarch like Father Abraham may be called to war, that we pray for peace but prepare and train for war, and so it has always been. 

But the foolish, oh the foolish, how they love to dream. And they interpret the lack of Action as a lack of Belief. Know that there are always people who feel that if you have not prepared to defend yourself then you are not worthy of life. They shall kill you, rape your wife, take your property and feel that you had asked for it. Mercy does not exist. And many will be shocked.

Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory, may God avenge his death, always told us, "I am shocked at Jews who are constantly shocked". Yes, Jews like to believe that a lack of Action shows that there is a lack of anti-Semitic (an academic term for Hatred of all Jews and Israel) Belief. But it is not so; Jew hatred has existed continually since at least the 4th century when the Church formed its doctrine under John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, a man whose evil lessons corrupted Europe for many centuries to come, up until our own times. But this lesson is for all people, and all must wake up, or pay the price.

The lesson is that Evil walks behind you, Evil sleeps beside you, Evil is always there in Belief, if not in Action. But it is waiting, it is biding its time. And you must be ready. Pleasant Valley Sunday will pass and a Dark Cloud will appear over you, it will get Dark, too dark to see, a Heavy Rain is going to fall, the Dark Side of the Moon always has its' turn. Remember, for everything there is a season, and you must be ready.

Your Krav Maga instructor is waiting for you. The door is open, but you must make the first step.

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