Advanced Krav Maga part Two
By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

As a teacher there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than when you see that a students gets it.

My role model teacher is my mother, a great educator who raised generations of students.

Once, while working at the bank, a female colleague was being made to feel worthless for not understanding a certain point in economics. I took her aside and explained the concept slowly, the same way I now teach Krav Maga. I built up the concept step by step, from the basics. Suddenly her eyes lit up. She got it! and it was not so difficult as she had imagined (or as others had led her to believe). She no longer felt stupid or inferior to the other workers.

When I related this to my mother, she said, "When you live to see that look you know you were born to be a teacher."

Recently my student, IKI Instructor and a 9th degree black belt in several styles, John Liptak, wrote words to his students. These words tell me that he "got it".

He wrote..."Krav Maga also allows students of all levels to train together and better themselves without having to be put in separate groups or categories. We often hear, "show me the advanced stuff", the advanced stuff IS the basic stuff mastered and you have become proficient with that skill set. A right cross is a right cross, there is no advanced right cross for example,"

Listen to those words, "The advanced stuff IS the basic stuff mastered."

This is both true and profound.

But wait! All over the internet and all over youtube there are advertisements for "Advanced Krav Maga", can this all be false advertising? Can they all be wrong?

The answer is simple: Yes, they can all be wrong. It is simple logic.

Years ago I took Dassi to a show. It was Chinese acrobatics and it was totally amazing. These people did things I could never have imagined. I was highly impressed with their incredible skill, they must have been training all day every day since childhood. It was clearly very advanced.

But is that our goal with Krav Maga? Do we wish to perform greater and greater tricks and stunts? Is our goal to woo the crowd and get a standing ovation?

I say not.

Our goal is simply to survive, to get home, to get back to our routine lives.

Life is full of tricks and deceit. There are people working late nights trying to find ways to make more money off you, to take your hard earned money away from you. There are food companies selling you flavored rubber and sawdust and calling it food. Let us at least keep our Krav Maga honest.

John Liptak, Moshe Katz, February 2014, still training after all these years...

San Destin Beach, Florida, February 2014, another great group!

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