Advanced Warning Systems Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 10, 2018, Colorado Springs, USA

We are endowed from our creator with certain natural abilities: We know when we are thirsty and hungry, we have fear of heights to protect us from falling, we feel pain with touching sharp or hot objects. And we have early warning systems.

All creatures have this. Animals can sense danger know how to warn other members of the herd. There is danger in the world but there is also defense. There is disease but there is also the cure. 

While there are some rare deadly diseases that kill instantly most deaths are a process, disease is a process, these things develop gradually over time. During this time we are given many warning and many opportunities. Often we do not know how to handle these warnings, and we are not trained to take advantage of opportunities. 

In life we are endowed with our own radar system, our natural early warning systems. The question is do we develop it and do we learn how to use it.

A neighborhood does not change over night, it takes time for it to become a "bad neighborhood". Economic collapse likewise usually takes a long period of time. War is the result of a long silent war that always precedes the violence.  All wars throughout history, when studied in hindsight, have had clear warning signs, and clear ways to avoid the worst damages. It takes wisdom to read the signs correctly.

The same holds true for personal violence. While an individual attack usually comes as a total shock the police are rarely surprised. They saw it coming because it is their job to study crime. Violence does not erupt without cause. There is always an early warning but we usually are too busy and preoccupied to see it. 

Deciding that we really do need Krav Maga lessons as we are being attacked is a bit too late. The early warning signs have been there for years. In fact you probably received a flyer about a local class, or saw an advertisement on line or have a friend who took a class. Those were just a few of your early warning signs. 

The signs are there. We have been given an advanced early warning system. Will we take advantage of this?

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