Age of Distraction
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 3, 2015, Israel

We always stress that we must prepare for tomorrow's attack, not only yesterday's attacks. I recall when I first starting touring the USA and Canada and teaching Krav Maga on college campuses I was told that while gun defenses were "fun" they really had no practical purpose as guns were banned on college campuses.

I think there is no need to comment on that.

Similarly I was told by British and French guests that certain "Israeli problems" were not relevant for them and they would prefer I not waste their time with irrelevant training. They wanted to dictate their own curriculum.

Again, there is no longer a need to comment.

Similar situation with airport security, after someone brings a liquid bomb on board we can no longer bring our toothpaste in our hand-luggage, and yet when my dear friend Prof. Cohen approached them with a bag full of non-metallic weapons that could breach their security, none were interested.

Who is wise? He who sees the unborn. And who is foolish? Well, we already know.

Our local enemies started with rock throwing. Soon all Israeli vehicles paid extra for special protection and special windows. The problem went away. Then there were knife attacks, shooting, suicide bombings. As each problem was solved the enemy moved to another attack. In recent times there was a sudden re-emergence of knife attacks. Tragically several Israelis were killed.

For years I had been like a prophet of old, pouring my heart out to the masses and urging people to train in Krav Maga. However contrary to the image propagated by other Krav Maga associations Israelis are not well trained in Krav Maga; not the civilians, not the police, and no, not even the military. Here we have known the truth for a long time.

The myth served commercial purposes quite well; every graduate of the Israeli army is an expert in Krav Maga and fit to start his/her own organization and hand out black belts.  What a fool believes.

So the myth grows and unqualified Israeli "instructors" spring up around the world like mushrooms after a rain but it is all a lie. And soon the lie is exposed.

The truth emerges

When the recent knife attacks emerged the truth became known; no one had a clue how to defend themselves. Even combat veterans and officers were easily stabbed and killed by Arab teenagers. The truth is there for anyone willing to see. The IDF does not produce Krav Maga experts. Thus I refuse to advertise "As taught by the IDF". No chance. Here we know the truth.

And now the knife attacks while still continuing, are having different results. They no longer end in the deaths of Israelis or innocent Arabs, who have also been the victims of these attacks as we look similar, but now the deaths are those who come to kill.

You see no one has suddenly emerged as Krav Maga experts but they have become more aware. And this my friends has been all the difference.

Many Israelis carry weapons but until now were unsuccessful in pulling them out in time to stop an attack. Now, as if by magic, nearly all the knife attacks end in the attacker being shot dead on the spot.

What has changed?

What has changed is a fundamental human error has been corrected, an error that should not have happened in the first place, not here.

I have always stressed that the key to self-defense is awareness, not the size of your biceps or the number of push-ups you can do. At IKI we stress simple techniques coupled with constant awareness. This is not an aerobic fitness workout or a boot-camp.

What is amazing here is that Israelis, who should know better, were living as if this was a club med resort. This is not acceptable!

Our survival, all of us, all over the world, depends first and foremost on awareness, constant awareness. Let our enemies know we will not be caught off guard. Let them also know we are training and will not be easy targets. Sadly the Israeli population of this generation has been found lacking. They needed a wake up call, sadly it was a bloody wake up call.

This is the age of distraction. I watch people, I see ten people, nine of them are reading Facebook and one is talking on the phone; sitting ducks I tell you.

Awareness and effective Krav Maga training, that is what we offer here.

There are two ways to learn, by failing or by observing others. Be smart.

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