We Are All Small
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 23, 2016, Israel

We are all small, all of us, there are no exceptions. Remember that always. And the Great ones know it better than others.

Yisrael, manager/owner of the T Shirt factory. I am not a huge customer, a few hundred T shirts now and then. I am not a huge corporation that places an order for 5,000 T Shirts or more. And yet I feel I am treated well, very well. I try to provide my customers with the best service but for that I need the help of the guys at the factory, I need their support, without them I cannot do anything.

So as I leave I thank Yisrael and I say I know I am only a small client...

He interrupts me.."Moshe, there are no big clients, we are all small, only He above is Big". Yes, I have told this story before, I know it, but the editors will point out that I am repeating myself. We need to repeat ourselves many times for the lesson to sink in. I am aware that I repeat my stories. Perhaps when I am gone someone will remember them.

So I thank Yisrael and he smiles. I smile. It has been a good day. Yes, hard work but that is good. I feel good. I am at peace. We are all small.

But it is not always this way. Another vendor tells me that for such a small order he will not get his machines moving. And I remember Yisrael and I think to myself, we are all small, there are no small clients only small people.

If you dismiss a client as being too small you are only proving that you yourself are the small one and you are unworthy of this client/customer/student. There are no small customers only small people.

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