Already there self defense 

June 17, 2021, Israel

Ever hear the cry, "Is there a doctor in the room?", ever hear, "Quick, call the cops!"

Imagine if the magic when that cry went out there suddenly appeared a cop, or a doctor, or an EMT, and said, "Worry not my child, I am already here!"

Sounds like Superman, only faster. 

Now we know that that is not possible unless you are a wealthy "celeb" who travels with an entourage. Generally man walks this world alone. But what if I told you that the Defender was already there, for it is you! You can become your own best protector. 

Now there is a problem, very few people train in any sort of martial art. Even fewer train in any form of realistic self-defense, and even those are usually unprepared for a real life violent encounter. And I don't claim to be better than anyone else, but at least I see the problem and I am trying to resolve it. 

So you train in self-defense. You even won a kickboxing tournament, or a boxing match. You have perfect abs and love walking around the mall showing off your biceps. Good for you. Sadly, none of this has anything to do with self protection. 

The ancient Book of Proverbs says...there are many thoughts in the heart of man....(Chapter 19, verse 21) it means there are many plans, but as a play of words we say, there are many thoughts in the heart of man, i.e. he is constantly distracted. You are walking home from work, is your mind a blank? none. Are you watching the people and imaging a potential attack? Most likely not. In all likelihood you are thinking about something; perhaps what to have for dinner, or that girl you just met, or an investment opportunity, but most are not focused on the potential dangers. Thus you are fare off in "thoughts land". 

Now when the attack takes place, and it all happens so fast, you need to call yourself in from "thoughts land". You are not there, you are far off, perhaps on your next vacation. Now you need to come back fast, to the Here and Now. You have to be aware and ready to fight and defend yourself. are not Already Here, you are not present. 

What you need is to be Pre-Sent, i.e. Someone called the cops or the doctor an hour ago, and now that we need them, they are here. We need them pre sent, not...on call figuring out estimated response time. There is no "response time", it will be over in seconds. No one can get here that fast, only you. But you need to have your mind present, thus you need to be Pre Sent, you need to be "Already here".

What use is the doctor far away? What use is the police officer twenty minutes from here?

None at all. 

Save yourself, be present, be already there.

That's all for today folks. I got things to do.

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