Ants on the Ground
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 11, 2017, Israel

Many years ago, I was a yeshiva student in Jerusalem, studying the Talmud and pondering the ways of God. I was walking on the sidewalk and noticed a group of insects on the ground. I took care not to step on them but alas it is impossible to totally avoid stepping on a few. I noticed that along the long line of bugs were a few casualties, the victims of passing pedestrians.

A thought entered my mind, so many years ago. Are we not like those ants? We go through life and we see a few casualties along the way and complain bitterly to God. But do we stop and think that just as we are taking every precaution not to step on the bugs but yet a few get crushed, perhaps it is the same with us and God?

Perhaps God is making every effort to save as many of us as He can but yet, a few will perish. Do we know the ways of heaven? Do we understand life? We see the crushed ones but do we think about all those who are not crushed? Do we understand all that is being on our behalf to keep us alive?

A repairman walks into the house, locates the problem and fixes it. He tells us the price and we are upset. So much money for so little time and effort? But do we realize how much effort went into this? Let us stop for a moment and think of all that others do for us.

He spent years learning his trade. He just spent money to fix up his truck so he can get here when we need him. He spent time driving go get here, he paid for gas. Last month he went to a conference to learn about new materials in the trade. Last week he attended a refresher course to be re-certified. Yesterday he purchased some new tools. And today he came in and provided excellent service with a smile and you are wondering why you have to pay.

Imagine a catering hall, where I used to work. You walk in and see a beautiful place. Do you have any idea what went into this? Do have any idea how many people are working long hard hours to make your event perfect?

Do you know about....the repair work, the cleaning, the kitchen staff, the house staff. I remember washing those dishes for you and scrubbing the pots. Do you know about us, the guys behind the scene who will clean up after you?

That is life, a banquet prepared all for you, and sometimes there will be little mishaps. Never forget all the effort that went into serving you. There is much more than you actually see.

Moshe, many years

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