The Art of knowing

June 6, 2021, Israel

There is a certain power within ourselves, and most of us never use it. I am not trying to sound late night Kung Fu movie master type, or business guru but I do believe this is true. This knowledge dates back to our earliest years. Back in the Bible Moshe (Moses) send 12 spies to tour the land of Canaan, by the way the actual word used is La Tour - To tour, and we still use this word today, amazing isn't it?

So he sends twelve distinguished men to spy, or tour, the land. But what do they report?

Rabbi Y. Chen says that we warned do not follow your hearts and your eyes. and he asks, shouldn't it be the other way around? Isn't' it the eyes that lead us astray? we see something, we want it, our heart tells us, go for it, and thus we are lead down a horrible path, of wrong doing and crime. No, he says, for our hearts determine what our eyes see. When our hearts are corrupt, jealous, petty, envious, our eyes see what we want to see to support our theories. If you are convinced someone did you wrong, your eyes will find the "proof" for this. Guard your heart!

Many of the spies already had reasons they did not want to enter the land of Canaan, the Promised Land, the land that forever be known as the Land of Israel. Why? Perhaps they feared battle, perhaps they feared the spiritual life that they enjoyed as wanderers in the desert directly under the supervision of God, perhaps they feared losing their current status and rank. Whatever the reason they were soon to "see" that the land of Canaan could not, should not, be conquered.

"They reported to Moshe, 'We can to the land where you sent u, although it is flowing with milk and honey, as you can see from its fruits, but it will be impossible to conquer, for the people who dwell in the land are fierce, and the cities are extremely well fortified, and we have seen even the descendants of the giant Anak there. "(Book of Numbers Chapter 13)

Only Caleb and Joshua believed that the land could be conquered, and so it was.

And here is my point, the Krav Maga point, this is not some fully new age "Believe in yourself" nonsense, this isn't any "body positive" new age silliness. The idea here, the ancient idea is that if you believe it is indeed possible, that you can find within yourself the power to do it. If you believe that is cannot be done, then it will not be done. Either way you will be correct. 

New achievements take place daily, new records are set in sports, things that were impossible yesterday are taken for granted today, because someone understood that it is within the realm of possibility. It can be done.

Most people I meet, when they hear what I do for a living, say, but you can't really defend yourself, not against a knife! Certainly not against a gun!

They believe this, because that is what they have been conditioned to believe. But what if they heard stories, many stories, of people who defended themselves against aggressive attackers, armed and dangerous, their perception would change. That is my job, to change their perception. 

Immigrants flock to America, the USA, from all over the world because they believe that America (USA) is the land of opportunity. They believe this because they have seen it, on TV, in the movies, in the news. People come to Israel because this is not only the Nation of God but also the start up nation, where miracles is a way of life, we rely upon miracles. 

We believe we can defend ourselves, and now we need to teach you. As the late night Kung Fu master might say...You have the Power!!

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