Arthur, Life
By Moshe Katz

May 22-24, 2017, Austria, Israel

Sitting down for breakfast, alone, thoughts, a guest house in a small village in Austria. God is great God is good. God is everywhere.

The night before Daphna contacted me to let me know that Author passed away. Arthur Cohen. It takes time for such news to sink in, it takes time for death, for the end of life to register. It takes time.

I am a strange sort of creature, I actually believe that God is with me and speaks to me, via many mediums. Often He will use the radio. So as I enter the dinning room, alone with my thoughts, an old song fills the air...What if God were one of us, just a slob like one of his, just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way home..

God is entering our shoes and feeling what we feel.

Aren't we all just trying to make our way home? Alone in a cold world, and then a man like Arthur comes along and he does not want our money but he smiles and reaches out his strong hand and says, Moshe, Stay Safe, and we feel that there is a God and his spirit fills good men with purity. Yes, God is Good and we are all strangers on the bus, and the bus is filled with cold lonely people just trying to make their way home. And no one is calling on the phone.

God is one of us, He lives among us and he is there in the hearts of good men, like Arthur, who extend a helping hand and just want to help us stay safe.

Soon, today, Arthur will be laid to rest, his final resting place on earth and he will begin his journey home and we are a little bit emptier, a little bit poorer. And I hope the sun will shine and Arthur will feel good. And I picture him driving off in his big American SUV and saying, "Moshe, Stay Safe". 

Yes, God is great...God is good and I am thankful that God joined me for coffee in Austria.

At the airport in Vienna, El Al security, the Israeli security guy greets me with a warm smile, laughs and we have a good time, way beyond normal security. I check his name is Arthur (I never before met an Israeli named Arthur)...God sends us messages, This was a message from Arthur; laugh, live, life goes on.

Arthur....I will miss you .

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