Arts and Crafts
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 26, 2016 Bogota, Colombia

Observing the local arts displayed with great pride, I see the same thing but deferent. I see bowls of many types and sizes, bags, clothing. Colombian coffee; the pride of the nation, to some coffee is just coffee but here it is the local gold.

Coffee, clothing, candies and chocolates, all the same but all different. This is what we call local culture.

The excitement of travel is to see and experience different cultures. The people are different, the attitudes are different, the physical surroundings and the architecture are different.

People live differently. In some places breakfast is a major event, in other places it is a shot of espresso and a pastry. This is what makes it all interesting. In some cultures a hug is a sign of deep affection, in others simply a way of saying hello. The tapestry of human culture, the faces, the skin tones, language and arts. What a marvelous world we live in.

We are all built the same, two eyes, two ears...and yet not a two of us look the same. We all use wheat and yet every culture has its own many styles of bread. What a world of wonder.

Arts and crafts of Colombia.

And just as each culture has its arts and crafts and unique foods, so does each culture have its warrior culture and traditions. Some are interesting from an historical perspective and some are still relevant.

Seeing a reenactment of Civil War fighting, or Native American Indians, is certainly fascinating, although perhaps not so relevant to our own challenges today.

Our Krav Maga, IKI Krav Maga, however, is built upon the foundations of Jewish history and culture. It is built upon an attitude developed over thousands of years and adapted to modern times. The spirit of King David, General Shimon Bar Cochba, the partisans, the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto revolt and the modern Israel Defense Force are the foundation of the system. The reality of modern day crime, violence and terrorism guide our specific approach.

We teach all over the world and gain from the tapestry of human experience in many countries. We learn from many cultures. Our system is enriched by this international experience.

We invite our instructors, members and friends from all over the world to come to Israel for two weeks and experience Krav Maga in the land of its birth, Israel.

Here we walk where our ancient warriors walked. We relive what they felt. We hear stories from those that fought here in more recent wars. And we walk through Yad Va Shem and understand the tragedy of the Holocaust and the defiant approach of Never Again!

Our Krav Maga, is for all, big and small, male and female, people of all lands and cultures. But is born from the Jewish experience, the desire to live free in our homeland.

Each nation offers its unique gifts. We offer you a style of Krav Maga, honed and perfected by blood and fire, by the spirit of our people; a people that refuses to die.

Tour and Train Israel Experience

Tour and Train participants from all over the world join us in Israel for a unique experience of Krav Maga and Jewish/Israeli culture.

What you will learn:

Hand to hand combat

Defense vs knife attacks, knife threats,  hand gun and rifle threats

Defense in and around a car

Hostage situations.

Next Session: May 30 - June 9, 2016   Now registering participants

For full details: Krav Maga Tour and Train

The History of Israel as a Fighting Nation
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What makes Israel Unique? Historical overview from Biblical times to our own.

Analysis of the Reserve system, history of a warrior nation, development of Krav Maga fighting system.

The unique morality and ethics of the Israeli army and its nation of warriors.

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Israel, A Nation of Warriors

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