Background Front
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 5, 2017, Israel

Well first he's in the background, then he's in the front. Yes, sometimes the bad guy enters our world as a man of peace. He has the sweet gift of the gab, how are "we" doing, he creates a bond but his only aim is to rip us off, steal our hard earned money. Yes, that is life, danger comes lurking in many subtle ways. The enemy does not always announce himself. The sad truth is we must always "watch our back". Sorry, there is no easy way out of this mess.

You are hoping for a glimpse of the sun and you are vulnerable, you feel like your troubles are just too much and then someone comes along who says he can solve all your problems.

Nothing is free and little is as it seems. We like to hold on to beliefs that really have no place in reality. And when we wake up it is a rude awakening; Trees that've stood for a thousand years suddenly will fall

Rachel was just a little girl when suddenly she realized that the world was filled with evil, perhaps what her parents told her was not so true.

Violence is all around us yet Jewish Liberal groups cheer fanatic Muslim terrorists and they call themselves the "Jewish Voice of Peace" when in fact they belong in a mental institute for the clinically delusional.

Oh the things we wish to believe. John Lennon said we are looking for a savior so we go to the Daddy Pound and pick the best looking Daddy and then when he disappoints us because no such thing exists as a savior we pelt him with tomatoes and shout "bad daddy".

We need to wake up and take responsibility for ourselves, look out the window, says the poet, there's a scene you'd like to catch, yes the band is playing, as it was playing in Auschwitz. The music is there to put us to sleep and prepare us for what the enemy has planned. The intentions can be evil and we must be aware, yes, look out your window.

We build a false sense of confidence and we build illusions. The longer those illusions live the harder it is to destroy them, trees that stood two thousands years suddenly shall fall.

The danger is not always clear, it does not always come knocking on the door, first it is in the background, it is stalking you, it is watching you and plotting your downfall. And yet despite millennia of ruthless violence we prefer to foster illusions of peace, you know that sometimes those who come in the name of peace are those we must watch most closely. As the rabbi says, Respect him and Suspect him. Respect him also means respect the danger that he may be hiding, you know that sometimes....evil comes as a man of peace.

Remember, it may the person you notice least. Awareness is the key to all self defense. We must act not only react. If you are forced to react it means you were not paying attention.

Look out your window, there is a scene you might want to catch....the man in the background may soon be the man in the front. Do not wait until it is too late. Act rather than REact.

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