Be A Superhero
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 27, 2017, New York, USA

Many people are fans of the superheros; Superman, Batman, Spider man, Captain America, etc.  There is something captivating about superheroes who can right the wrongs and stand up for the weak. The superheroes fight for truth and justice.

Yes, they have imaginary super powers, powers which we ordinary real people do not possess. But what is really super about them?

Many people in this world have power; rich men, dictators, politicians, movers and shakers. But how many of them use it to do good? How many use their super powers to control people and extort from the simple common man all that they can take?

Perhaps the truly super thing about the superheros, who exist only in our imagination, is that they care and are willing to act on behalf of others. Perhaps what is truly super is that they seek no reward and hide behind colorful masks. 

And we must ask, do we too have super powers? and the answer is we do indeed. 

Stopping and giving your time to help is a stranger is a super power. Saying a kind word that brightens someone's day and brings a smile to their face is a super power, offering someone a window of opportunity and a ray of hope is a super power.

We too can be super heroes.

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