Be the Storm
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

September 7, 2015, Norway 

I do not like to hurt people. Do not confuse this with being weak, or soft.

I do not like to hurt my students, or others, during training, it is not at all necessary and contributes nothing to their self-defense ability.

If possible I always strive to avoid a fight, do not confuse this with being afraid of a fight. For when I need to be in a fight I become the storm. And when a storm comes it is best to stay home, where you are safe.

Too many people feel a need to prove themselves by hurting others, or even by hurting themselves. They want the injuries to prove their supposed toughness. They wear an injury as a badge of honor.

Injuries may and do happen, but we do not seek them to prove anything. We train to avoid harm, not to invite it.

I always stress to my students, and to seminar participants; do not confuse what you see on the outside as a sign of persevered weakness. Be careful not to draw conclusions when you do not understand the person you see.

The outside is a cultivated kindness, a softness that reflects a calm spirit, a spirit that is the result of an inner spiritual quest. But alongside this calmness is a an iron wall and an iron will. There is a stubborn power inside that will not be denied. There is a 3,700 year man with a lot of "issues". Do not push.

There is a powder keg that can be ignited at a moments' notice. Press the wrong button and you may be in serious trouble. Yes, there is total self-control but that control is not limited to "softness", that control switch can be switched to the On button and a storm can be unleashed.

I will never allow someone else to control these buttons. I will not fight because someone else is in the more for a fight, or a so called "Challenge".

If you challenge me to a fight, and I accept, it means that you have already won, for your will power overtook mine.

No, I will not accept your challenge. I will not fight simply because you are in the mood for a fight. No, never. I will never allow you to chose the time and the place of a fight. I reserve that right for myself. I am in control, not you.

Being in control means you do not allow anyone to draw you into a fight against your will. If you must fight you will chose the time and place. And if you are attacked and you have no choice but to defend will become the storm and unleash a force that will make your assailant regret he ever tried.

Be calm and keep the storm inside...until you decide it is time to unleash it.

"In a letter written in 1900, a year before he became president, Theodore Roosevelt wrote, "I have always been fond of the West African proverb: `Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.''


Moshe sir, I love this blog. The storm we see and hear, we can prepare for. It is the quiet storm which represents the most immediate threat and destruction. I've had instructors who believe they need to hurt their students to prove their arts worthiness. I have seen martial artists who feel the need to intimidate others or fight on a whim to prove their bravado. Nope, I am with you. I choose when, where, and I will be the quiet storm. There is no honor in being a bully. There is only righteousness in acting in true defense of yourself or others. Psalm 82:4 Have a great day!

Dan McGee

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