Being There Feeling It
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International 

April 1, 2018, Herzliya, Israel

The rabbi spoke.

It is Passover and according to our tradition we must, we are obligated, to feel as though we ourselves were liberated from being slaves in Egypt.

At our Passover Seder one of the participants asked how; how do you feel it?

The rabbi spoke and told a story. A great rabbi lost a son. A father should never have to bury a son. One of the students tried to comfort him and said, even King David lost a son. The rabbi said, not only that I have my own pain to deal with but now you have added the pain of King Davids' lost!

A student tried to comfort the grieving rabbi and said, Aharon the High Priest of Israel lost two sons. The great rabbi replied, not only that I have to deal with my own loss but now I have been reminded of the terrible pain of Aharon losing two sons!!

And the rabbi asked us; how is it that a man feels the pain of someone he never met? not only that, we are dealing here with historical figures who lived millennium ago, how did this rabbi feel the pain?

The rabbis teach us, in each generation we must see ourselves as having been liberated from Egypt, we must go through it ourselves, for freedom is never free, we must relive the Exodus from Egypt. 

This is what being an IKI Krav Maga instructor is all about, feeling the pain, reliving the trauma of the victims, the rape victim, the victim who was held up at gun point, at knife point, the victim of home invasion. We must feel it ourselves. We are obligated to feel as though we ourselves where liberated from Egyptian bondage. That is what the holiday of Passover is about. We have to relive the pain, the trauma and the liberation in order that we understand how to preserve freedom in each generation and how to fight for it if we need too.

As instructors we have to train our hearts and souls to feel the point of dagger as if it were really us, we must feel the pain, fear and anxiety of others. This will cure us of all fancy notions of fancy techniques, we will return to the Core, to the basics, to the only techniques and concepts that can actually work in a real life situation. We must begin by being there, by feeling it. 

Happy Passover everyone 

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