Bored of Training
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 13, 2016, Israel

One of our top instructors was having issues with a young student. The student was pampered and spoiled by his parents. He was arrogant and a little on the aggressive/violent side when training with other students.

The other members of the group held back. They did not answer force with force but rather used self control. Eventually the instructor felt a need to speak with the student and his parents and address the issues head on. Time to deal with it.

The student was used to getting his way and easily. He felt he was gifted and picked things up quickly. The "constant review" was "boring" and unnecessary for such a talented young protege.

The wise instructor said it clearly, "Everyone one of my students can put you in the hospital, easily, you are no where as good as you think you are."

The student did not understand the nature of self defense, Krav Maga, martial arts training. Some people do have a photographic memory but while that works for books and information it does not work for self defense. The body functions differently than the mind. We need to understand that.

As the instructor pointed out in a real life situation this student was doomed but the student was too arrogant to realize this. Sometimes we need someone older and wiser than ourselves to point out the obvious. We need mentors in life.

We need more than internet and search engines. We need wise parents, we need rabbis and martial arts instructors, we need mentors.

What our instructor was saying is you may think you know the technique. You may be able to duplicate it under "sterile dojo conditions" but your instructor is telling you that that is not enough. Not at all.

He is telling you that you must accept his guidance, his mentor-ship. You must listen, you must be humble. As the rabbis say you must roll in the dust of your teachers. Today we have forgotten this lesson.

We have forgotten the respect due to teachers, that even if they are friendly you must never forget who his the teacher and who is the student. You must know your place.

In the presence of my rabbi I dressed the way he wanted. I submerged my "individuality and self expression" in favor of respect to my mentor. I watched my tongue and was careful in my speech. This is the correct way.

Your Krav Maga teacher is your guide. He will tell you when you have practiced the technique enough, he will tell you when you are ready for the next stage or rank. As Eitan Cohen said to a student, "Did you come to learn? if so, listen to me". We must learn to listen.

The teacher in our case wrote "Tried to explain that the only way to get good enough at any of this to use it is by repetition so it becomes instinct.  I think he feels (and has been led to believe by his parents) that he is a super quick learner and once he does something he has “got it” and doesn’t need to do it again."

Accept your mentor and be grateful that you have one. To find a good teacher is a blessing.

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