By Moshe Katz 
Israeli Krav International

September 14, Hilton Hotel, Destin, Florida, USA

Catching some late night TV, McCoy turns to the accused man who refused to cooperate and is putting up a tough facade, "How about cut the bravado and let's convict the guilty man".

Truly words of wisdom.

I have found that most martial arts schools would be well advised to heed Mr. McCoy's words. Cut the bravado and let's save some lives. Your false bravado is getting in the way of real progress. Your false bravado is preventing you from saving lives.

Bruce Lee wrote that true freedom discovers the man the moment he no longer cares what impression he is making. Too many martial artists strut around in the fancy uniforms, brandishing their fancy titles and feeling like a proud peacock. Cut the Bravado and lets's convict the guilty party, let's get down to fighting crime. Wise words.

The Bravado, our own attempt to create for ourselves a greater image than we really are, actually stands as a barrier between us and true success, in all aspects of life. We are more concerned with the impression we are making then we are with actually becoming something, or doing something.

The facade is greater than the interior. The outside shines but the inside is empty. And at the end of the day, at the end of your journey on this earth, what have you created?

The Romans were concerned with leaving great buildings and statutes as a everlasting testament to their greatness. The Jews were concerned with "One's words are one'e legacy". We say when one studies the words of the ancient rabbis the lips of the rabbis are moving in the grave. i.e. they are truly alive. 

Some are called alive even in their deaths, and others are called dead even during their lives. The choice is ours. 

The choice is our to be real, to make something of our lives. But first...we must cut the Bravado.

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