Bureaucratic Self-Defense Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 30, 2019, Israel

We can all appreciate the senseless brutality of a car accident. It can be prevented. 

Kafkaesque Krav Maga

Car accidents are brutal and often deadly. Every day someone losses a loved one to this vicious virus. Every day someone begins the long struggle of rehabilitation back to a normal life after experiencing such an accident. 

We need to defend ourselves. 

Governments try to minimize the number of traffic accidents. Yes, there is a concern for the loss of life, but...perhaps even more so, accidents, simply put, cause a great deal of economic harm. There is an economic interest in reducing the number of accidents. 

Various methods are used by the governments, one of those are cameras that proport to accurately record the speed of the car and spit out expensive fines. 

In certain countries studies have been done that debunk the idea that speed is the main cause of car accidents. Studies have also been done that claim that these speed cameras do nothing to reduce the number of accidents. And yet they still exist. Why? the answer is an ugly one, and it is the same reason many ineffective self defense systems continue to be marketed: Money and Ego.

Money and ego always trump safety. This means that if a system is challenged it is unlikely to change if that change would involve someone admitting that he was wrong, or if it will cause a loss of money.

With the speed traps the powers that be did not want to admit that they were wrong, they did not want to admit that they issued thousands of fines that were unjustified. They were also unwilling to give up the huge income from those fines.

The little guy who is fighting the system is faced with a Kafkaesque type of situation where he knows he is right but he has no way of fighting the system. Fortunately there are a few honest people. One such man, an expert in the field who originally advised the government to purchase these speed cameras, came out, ten years later, with a report that shows exactly the opposite results and he advised to cease using these cameras at once. 

Why did he change his position he was asked, his reply was simple; things change, we need to reevaluate everything, the smart phone of today is not the smart phone of ten years ago, the tanks of today are not the same as those of the previous war. But nothing changed. Why? Bureaucracy, everything moves very slowly, and money and ego make things move even slower, if at all, and the little guy feels helpless against the machine. Kafkaesque bureaucracy at its best. 

Conclusion: The current system is ineffective, it does not serve the original purpose and it needs to be radically changed. One of the experts, a former general in the IDF, expressed the following point, "In the IDF we are constantly retiring outdated tanks, aircraft, submarines, this is essential for survival."

Sadly with Krav Maga and other self defense mechanisms it is the same, exactly the same. And we must take the general's wise advice, it is time to reevaluate everything, strategy and techniques, and make sure they fit our original purpose: Survival. Like outdated submarines many Krav Maga techniques must be retired. 

Ego and Money

But with most associations they are not. Why? Ego and Money. Too much has been invested with the old techniques, the old approach. Too many books have been published, too many DVDs have been made. Sadly the instructors who were meant to help you, actually harm you. Sadly a system that was meant to protect you, actually only takes your money and gives you false confidence. Sadly we have Kafkaesque Krav Maga.

IKI has vowed to be different. That is why DVDs from years ago have been "retired". Videos from years ago will show me teaching vastly different techniques from what I teach today. Why? because we are the little guy against the machine. We are on your side. With us everything is constantly evaluated honestly against the simple question; is it effective for our current needs?

With IKI your voice will be heard. With our On Line program we hear your questions and we do our best to find solutions. You are not the little guy against the ugly machine, you are part of the inner workings, you are part of our team.

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