Can a Child Understand
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 26, 2017, Israel

When a child receives his/her first volume of the Torah, the Holy Bible, it is a major event. As such today I attended the celebration where my 6 year old cousin received her first volume of the Five books of Moses.

The kids were wonderful but I was less impressed with the young rabbi. He delivered his talk and I am willing to bet my house that not a single one of the children had any idea what he was talking about, other than the last part where he said they would get some honey to symbolize that the study of Torah is sweet.

I am also quite certain the nearly all/all of the parents and relatives present could not repeat what he said.

Why is this so?

Because he has no idea how to teach. He talks, and to him it makes sense but to the rest of us it is a garbled up mixture of words that add up to googley gop. (nonsense in plain English).

I am reminded of an incident in Europe where a fundraiser wanted to collect money for his Yeshiva (Rabbinical academy, always in need of funds). The local rabbi said too many people had already come and asked for money, the congregation could afford no more. The guest asked, may I speak to the congregation on the condition that I do not ask for money?

The rabbi replied in the affirmative.

The guest spoke, he never mentioned money was implied. At the end of the talk he approached a small boy. "Young fellow, do you know what I was really talking about?"

"Of course" responded the bright boy, "You were asking for money".

"Good", said the guest, "If a child is able to understand my intent then my message was clear."

If a child can understand you, that is the mark of success. Were you clear enough that even a child can understand you?

What is the point of speaking if no one can follow your thoughts? Make it clear enough that even a child can understand. Before launching IKI I spent twenty years teaching children. Experience counts. I can make myself clear in many languages. I have made myself clear to SWAT teams, Special Forces, presidential body guards and little children. And the little children count the most.

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