Car Test and Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 13, 2016, Israel, Test Line....

A car, for illustrative purposes only, this is not actually my car. For a car to be allowed on the road we must be sure it is safe and will not cause harm to its driver, passengers, or anyone else. Shouldn't we have the same standards for Krav Maga instructors?

Today I brought my mom's car in for its annual test. Had we not done this within the next four days the car would no longer be allowed on the road. I get it; public safety and all that. I mean even if you do not value your life enough to maintain your car properly there are other people out there, we can't have you driving an unsafe car. For the sake of all drivers on the road, and pedestrians on the side of the road, each and every car in Israel must pass an annual test.

On the first round we failed. This, despite a great deal of preparation and expense. The back license plates were the cause, the plastic was coming off a bit. Thus we did not make the grade. Fortunately that was a problem we could easily fix and I am proud to report that we passed the test.

Now lets compare this to Krav Maga.

People earn a rank, a black belt, and then you do not see them for three years. They do not attend a seminar, they do not come for training, some do not even bother purchasing the latest DVDs and yet...they expect to be allowed on the road. They expect that they should still be allowed to teach and promote students. If they were a car they would be off the road; no questions asked, car not fit to drive.

We all need a tune up. We all need a yearly check up to make sure our skills are up to par. My mother's car was failed on the back license plate. Perhaps your skills are slightly faded.

Some people left our organization years ago and continue to advertise themselves as black belts and instructors, they are not. Why? Like a car, they have not shown up for their yearly test, they have not maintained their performance level. No one has authorized that car to drive on the road, it may be very dangerous for others.

If this is true for cars why should Krav Maga instructors be any different? I am not being petty. You can say, "I earned a black belt in Krav Maga in 1995". I will back you up on that. But I will not endorse you as a current black belt. I cannot take responsibility when I have not seen you in years.

A car's breaks may weaken, there are a thousand and one things that can go wrong in a car, everyone of which can lead to a disaster and the loss of lives. And for some reason, unknown to me as I am not a car expert, even a faded license plate is reason enough to fail. Shouldn't we strive for some standard in Krav Maga?

Or is it not important enough?

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