Caution Wet Floor
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

Caution Wet Floor – Cuidado, Piso Mojado

On tour (sometime in 2012), traveling through many US airports. I often see the plastic triangle sign on the floor with the very clear warning, "Caution, Wet Floor", or in Spanish Cuidado Piso Mojado".

In case this was not totally clear there is also a drawing of a person slipping on the floor and taking a very bad fall.

As a student of the Talmud we are trained to interpret every word. No word is considered superfluous. Each word, each nuance, is expected to add some meaning, or else it would not have been written

Perhaps it would have been sufficient to write "Caution". That would inform us that we must be extra careful.

Or, what if they only wrote, "Wet Floor", surely that would be enough for any wise and sensible person to understand that one must be very careful, watch his step and not run.

Or perhaps just the drawing of a man taking a bad fall, that would be enough. But no, none of these alone would be enough.

If it just said "caution", sure, we would understand the need for greater awareness, but from what? Caution because there are potential terrorists, or pick pockters? Illegal taxis who might overcharge us? Kidnappers looking to grab small children?

"Caution" puts us on alert but without knowing the specific danger, the specific threat. We would still not be properly prepared to defend ourselves. Without knowing the particular threat we could still be caught unawares and be blind-sided.

It it just said, "Wet Floor", it would be insufficient. OK, the floor is wet, perhaps they are warning me to avoid getting my shoes wet or tracking mud around the airport. People walk in the rain all the time and rarely fall down.

If they just gave us the drawing but without the written warning, all we know is that some people slip and fall but it might not be clear why.Perhaps they simply run too fast through the airports.

The full text, along with the drawing, prepares us. It informs us that potential danger lies ahead. It tells us from where this threat may come and the exact nature of the threat. And, it informs us of the nature of the danger and what the consequences may be. (Smashing your head, and looking like the cartoon character).

With this knowledge we can prepare ourselves and avoid all harm.

Knowing that an enemy may attack is not enough. We must know from where, when, and what kind of weapons he will  be using. That is why proper self defense begins long before the actual physical attack. Intelligence gathering, picking up subtle clues, and analyzing threats are all important and essential

Krav Maga must begin, not with a kick or a punch, but long before that. You must be able to see the attack coming, You must be able to anticipate the attack. You should never be caught off guard.

Scan your area, pick up the hints, know the potential dangers.

Israel is a very safe country and yet it is always under attack. This is not a contradiction.

Most attacks are neutralized long before they ever play themselves out on the street.

Israel is unique in that we are a nation of intelligence gatherers, a nation of spies and warriors. From our youth we are looking for clues; profiling, watching doors, noticing who might nervous.

All this is integrated into the way we teach Krav Maga at Israeli Krav International. Our students include some of the best in the world. To understand the book.

Be ready.

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