Change Change Change
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 9, 2018, Israel

There is a time for everything under heaven. Time to be born and a time to die. And a time to change. A time to laugh, a time to cry. 

For everything there is a season but for many of us, we miss the season. Our season comes and goes, and we didn't even realize it was here. We are still waiting for our season, for our turn.

 A time to dance, a time to cry. But we don't know, we miss our turn, we miss our season, we miss our time, because we are not prepared. 

Love, Hate, Hope, Peace, Up Down, Loud, Soft, we don't know when to grab the moment. 

There is a time for everything, but do we know when? Do we see those who enter our lives as a blessing, a chance for change? Are we ever truly ready for change, or must we become the change though not quite ready?

A person enters our life, for a brief moment, they may be gone soon, what was the reason?

I think back to friends, people I met, who enter for a brief or long while, a source of light, of live, of happiness. When I was wise, I embraced these lights...a chance meeting at Trader Joe's, a moment of light, of sharing love, yes, even that, with a moment of pure energy. 

Things change, sites change, and are no longer as we remember them, things change, paradise can become a parking lot but, in our heart, we still have that paradise. We can hold on to it. 

A light passes us, it can enter our souls and stay with us, long after the light has passed. 

And sometimes you don't know what you have until its gone.

But sunny memories, a guitar, music, a smile, a passing light that stays in your heart. 

and sometimes there is a moment, a chance but it demands we change, it demands we greet that moment, rise up to it to be one with it rather than declare we are not ready.

We wonder what is real and does the viewer have a say in the matter, and does it matter how you look at it? Can you shape reality or does reality shape you? Can you look at from both sides.

As life comes and goes, as an old friend struggles to hold on to life and another lets it pass and it makes me wonders. Can you look at life from both sides? Are you ready to let it slip away, what is real and what is an illusion?

The sun rises and sets but do we catch the light?

I will tell you now, when you see a light don't think, don't hold back, don't miss your season, you will get by with a little help from your friends and if you fall you will get up again but if you let that moment pass it may never come again....and it makes me wonder....

A sunny day, a smile, perhaps never see them again, but the light remains and can be felt at any time....

People come and people go, this life and the next, seize the moment, the memories will keep you warm when you are old. 

Embrace the light, embrace that moment when it shines on you, don't wait, those who wait will continue to wait and wait for a long time. Those who grab the moment have that moment and beyond.

Change is difficult and comes with pain, but change is growth, and opportunity and light. Growth is pain and a challenge. Change, change, change, turn, turn, turn.

Not for naught do they say all beginnings are difficult. A beginning is a change, an adjustment, but we change because we are not satisfied where we are. We are not content. Do you want more?

A stranger walks into our life, perhaps a fellow passenger on a journey, perhaps for a moment, perhaps longer but there could be something powerful in the offering. Do we turn away for fear of change? 

Change is discomfort but change is growth.

Look out to the city and you see a thousand lights, each one a home, an apartment, in each one live people, amazing people, interesting people, each light represents a story.

Limitless light which shines around us like a million suns, so Mr. Tambourine Man play that song for me, whatever song it is, I am open to it for I don't know what tomorrow will bring, or who will still be here. So enjoy the light of this moment. It is late, I am weary but not sleepy.

And the message of all this? Just the rambling thoughts of someone who has seen and felt a lot. And tomorrow is another day which has already begun. and here comes the sun.....

With an old friend, who has moved a higher light....but his light still shines with us. 

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