PHONE chargers, gas and krav MAGA

November 27, 2020, Israel 

Sometimes we need a mentor to help us understand the facts of life. The time to start training is now. 

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a skit where he touches his pocket with a look of great confidence, even "Pride", and he says, "Got my smart phone, fully charged". The idea is that a fully charge cell phone makes you feel powerful, secure, you are ready to go, you have nothing to fear, your phone is at 100%, you do not have to worry about running low on battery and having your phone call cut off. You are the man!!

I too make it a point to have my phone fully charged when I leave the house, and even when I am in the house. On trips I will bring my charger and even a spare battery. The question is why? Why is it necessary, and what deep wisdom was Jerry Seinfeld alluding to? (After all he was a karate student under Prof. Arthur Cohen).

Many people will look at their phone and say..70%, excellent, that is plenty. But I want to be prepared, for the same reason that I always make sure to have a full tank of gas. 

Not once, but many times I have found myself in an emergency. Suddenly we need to rush to the hospital. We run out in a panic, but what if suddenly you discover that your gas tank is on close to empty? Oh yeah, I was going to fill it up the other day but I was tired so I put it off for another day. And it may cost a loved one their life.

Or you need to make an emergency call, road side accident, you are put on hold and you panic as you watch the battery percentage on your phone go down. Don't you now wish that you had a little more power on your phone? Don't you wish you had left the house with a phone 100% charged like Jerry Seinfeld? Gasoline (Petrol) and phone power, we need them for an emergency, and the point is, we never know ahead of time when that emergency will arrive. It is always when you least expect it. 

And here is the Krav Maga application, which is rather obvious. We never know when "that" moment will arrive, that moment when we need to fight back, that moment when we no longer have a choice. And when that moment comes it is too late too Enter the Dojo, too late to start your training, too late to start your patient Wax on Wax off training. The time is now and you are not ready. You need to make a phone call but your phone is at 2% (Yikes), you need to get to the hospital but your tank is "running on empty". Too late to Kobra Kai it, too late. Maybe now is the time to get started?

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