Child Truth
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

November 26, 2016, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

The Truth can be awkward, very awkward. Therefore most people find it socially preferable and economically profitable to avoid or mask the truth. But a child sees the truth.

"Mother, why are those men carrying weapons?"

A mother lies, to protect her child, "To protect us my dear". 

But from whom?

"Why are those trains designed for animals?" A child asks.

"Because it is a time of war, there is a shortage" a mother lies.

We lie to protect the children from the unpleasant truth. Are we really protecting them?

I am in Switzerland now. Everyone knows Switzerland as the land of neutrality but was Switzerland really ever neutral? Can anyone be neutral in the face of evil?

Was Switzerland really neutral? 

Mother why is that woman shouting that this will be our last journey?

Hold me tight my dear, hold on to mother.....Everything will be OK

But that is not the truth, things did not turn out OK. For more than a million and a half Jewish children that was the last journey, a journey to hell and then to heaven.

We face uncomfortable truths all the time but we prefer to avoid them. We lie to others and to ourselves. We feel better that way. 

Do not worry my child, hold on to mother tight. 

that child was killed.....

Long live Israel!

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