krav  Maga: Chocolate Rations are Down

October 8, 2022, Olavsgaard, Skjetten, Norway


Teaching US Army Cavalry unit, 

Some of you might get the reference; it has been announced that that chocolate rations have been increased to 20 grams per week. This is from the classic novel "1984" by George Orwell (Eric Blair). In the story, which takes place in a dystopian future where the Party controls everything and everyone, lies are the truth. The past is constantly being "corrected" to match the current information. So, if it was announced last month that the chocolate ration would be increased from 30 grams per week to 40, but now it has actually been reduced from 30 to 20, the Party needs to change the past information, or in the "newspeak" style, the errors of the past need to be rectified to avoid confusion. 

Thus, the new low ration of only 20 grams of chocolate is actually an increase. Those who are sure they recall that only last week it was 30, well, they need to adjust their memories to match the current reality as dictated by the Party, or the Powers that Be. 

Very few object; mostly everyone goes along with it, and soon it is fact; the Party has once again increased the chocolate ration and life continues to improve. And that is how it works. 

and that is what we experience as well. 

El Al flight, Israel to Zurich, Switzerland. nearly four and half hours on the place. In the past they offered you a full breakfast, a hot meal, it consisted of an omelette, yogurt, fruit, a bagel, cream cheese plus some fruit. After the meal the flight attendants walked around with a tray, they offered coffee or tea, with or without milk, brown sugar, or white sugar. 

But I must have imagined all this. Now the past has changed. Now they toss you a lousy pathetic sandwich wrapped in plastic; no self-respecting human will eat it. And yet, they eat it, they accept it, they do not complain. and I wonder, has this become the Orwellian future that was predicted? is this the beginning?

When I point this out to the younger, new, flight attendants, that this is unacceptable, they respond with, has always been this way. 

I get that a lot, but I will not go along with it. It has not always been this way, I know the truth and I shall not be silenced (and yes, there is a Krav Maga connection, be patient). Finally, I spoke to an older flight attendant, on El Al they are rare, this is a job for young women, early 20's for the most part. But this "older" woman remembers, and what is more remarkable, she admits the truth and does not follow the party line. 

Yes, she remembers those days well. 

I understand, when Coronavirus came along, things changed, hotels got used to cleaning the rooms only after the guest left, after all, with the virus one does not want to touch another's towels and linens too much. But now, that all this is basically behind us, the hotels continue this policy. Why? Because they are saving a ton of money! because...people got used to the new low standard. So, they clean the rooms less often, they hire less room staff, they spend less on laundry, and no one really complains. Soon it will be the new norm and no one will complain, after all, it has always been this way. (Only it has not). 

During Corona times the flight attendants stopped the meal service, only a plastic wrapped sandwich tossed on your tray table. And now this has become the new norm. 

I asked about the coffee. Now I know the answer, I am clever, I pay attention: When the flight attendants walk around with the cart of coffee etc, nearly everyone takes a drink, or two. But if they do not, only coffee fanatics like myself make the trek to the flight attendants’ area and ask for coffee. so, they work less, and they save a lot of coffee, and cups. Very clever, and no one complains, but I do. 

People learn to accept things, and then they learn to accept ever lower standards. It takes a very long time, sometimes centuries until a grass roots movement develops and then a leader, as in Czarist Russia when the people finally revolted and overthrew the czar and murdered his family.  But it takes a long, long time for the masses to wake up, and for the right leaders to emerge. 

At IKI, Israeli Krav International, we do not erase the past. We still have our old videos and our old DVDs. Sometimes we look back to them to see just how much our techniques have changed, evolved, and improved. 

But we openly acknowledge these changes. We do not say...the way we teach today is the way we have always taught. No, we used to teach it differently, the way most schools still teach it, but we changed. 

That is the difference. The past is unchangeable. We learn from it, we grow from it, we reference it honestly. We look at the way other associations are still teaching Krav Maga and we say, Yes, we do used to do it that way, but we changed. and now we explain why we changed, we point out the faults we saw in the old system. and we defend our evolution.

I do this at every seminar, at nearly every class: This is how we do it, this is WHY we do it this way, and this is why WE NO LONGER do it the way we used too. Our techniques are always open to scrutiny. 

When I see the old style Krav Maga I just have to wonder, and cringe. Why are people not questioning this? Where is their individuality, their independent thinking, why do they just accept the party line? Has Logic left the room? Has Freedom of thought left the room? It is your life; you have every right to question the techniques. 

Of course, you should respect your instructor, you should ask and question in a polite way. I always tell my students; don't nod your head and say Yes Sir, but then walk out the door and express your doubts to others. If you have a question, ASK ME NOW. That is what I am here for. You are a free individual, and this is your life on the line. I am here to help you, and that is all that matters. I want the best for you. The Krav Maga I am offering you is the result of my many years of training and research, but it is still up to you defend your own life. I am here to help you, but you need to open your mind and think. 

If I tell you the chocolate ration has gone up to 20 grams per week, but you know for a fact that only last week it was 30, Question authority!! 

If you are told this is a Krav Maga self defense class but all you see is kickboxing, MMA and macho muscle flexing, question what you see!

It is your right. Let freedom live

We train, we repeat, we need to be ready. Moshe training US Special Forces, somewhere in the USA.

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