Circular Power
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 16, 2018, Israel

Life is a circle. Life is a series of cycles, which are circles. As we often say, things come "full circle". Circles represent reality, "what comes around goes around", the way you treat others will be the way you are treated. Abuse the earth and it will abuse you. Life is a circle.

The years move in cycles, seasons, as do our lives, a generation comes and a generation goes and the earth remains; the cycle of life.

Circles are power: storms, typhons, tornado's, "the eye of the storm". Circles produce power: the windmill, the huge modern energy producing modern wind propellers we see throughout Europe.

Circles are energy. While a straight line expends energy the circle continues without getting tired, the circle is it's own energy producer, the downward motion propels the upward motion and the upward motion drops down creating the energy which will keep the circle going. The circle is its own energy producer. 

The bicycle is propelled by the circle, all vehicles are based on the tires which are circles. Even aircraft need tires to get off the ground. 

The circle is power, the ancient Asian martial artists understood this concept.

Today most styles of Krav Maga do not utilize the circle. Our style does use the circle. 

Over the years I have come to respect the power of the circle and I have learned how to use it. I have come to understand that brute force may look cool but it is limited and few posses enough of it. Everyone can learn the power of the circle. 

We use the circle for many of our defenses and counter attacks. We use it as a way out of chokes and grabs. We use it as a basis for leg work that gets us out of what appears to be totally impossible situations. I have learned to respect the power of the circle. 

We use the circle for many of our strikes and new students often find this confusing. The power of a punch is limited by your strength, but the circular movement can create a flow and a power that is greater than your own strength. We use the circle as our "power multiplier".

When I use the circle at seminars I often get some strange looks, as "this does not look like Krav Maga". That is correct, this is IKI Krav Maga, a style that uses a wide variety of methods that have proven effective over centuries. As I often say those ancient Chinese knew a thing or two.

"Actually one of the three key principles of HKD (circular motion). I’ve always told our folks that if they get in trouble trying to do something, think circles.Hal Herndon, chief instructor, Georgia Mountain Krav Maga and 5th dan in Hapkido (HKD). 

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