Climate Change
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

November 20, 2016, Israel

A man walks out of prison after fifty years and nearly gets hit by a car. When did the world go and get itself so busy, he wonders. When he entered prison cars were rare, but the world changed. Things got busy, things changed.

Watch out for moving vehicles.

Sometimes we want to run away to a place where nothing ever changes, where life is safe. Sometimes it is all too much.

Some people wake up and check the news for the weather report, they want to know what to wear; a wind breaker, a light jacket, an overcoat, a sweatshirt, a raincoat? what will it be like outside today? What should I wear in order to protect myself?

After all we do not want to get caught in the rain.

But climate changes are not the only changes that take place. All relationships are dynamic. All relationships require constant adjustments. Never assume all is well.

You are in perfect health but then ten years pass and suddenly everything has changed. You did not see this happening, you were too busy. Life gets in the way of life. Life gets busy.

Life is full of changes, life is full of uncertainties. And yet we must be prepared. We must grow eyes in all directions lest we be caught unprepared. A storm may come: a financial storm, a crime wave, an economic blizzard. We must be prepared.

Herod prepared a fortress in preparation for a potential rebellion. Nations build alliances for self protection. World War Two caught most nations unprepared, they did not see the change in climate, they paid dearly.

Mother said see if it is cold outside, put on a sweater, do not forget your scarf. Make sure you are prepared for the cold.

Are you prepared? Do you have all the necessary tools to protect yourself, and your family? Are you looking both ways before crossing the street or is it enough that you checked the street yesterday? Yesterday there was no traffic but that might have changed.

Mother said look both ways before crossing, mother said button up so that you do not catch a cold.

Mother said....

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