Clutter and Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

November 5, 2018, Israel

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Israeli Krav

Clutter can be overwhelming

Clutter, most of us live with it, we all know what it is.

Clutter can be defined as a collection of too much stuff, a disorganized collection of items, too much in one place, for example when you have too many tools in your tool box. 

It is also used as a verb; as in too many thoughts will clutter your clarity of thinking, too many items will clutter up your space. 

Clutter is a negative term. We see clutter as impeding our movement or slowing our progress. We see clutter as reducing our effectiveness. 

And yet many of us are intent on collecting more clutter. We go on vacation and are seduced by the souvenir shops. We come home with all sorts of Knick knacks that looked great in the shop but now clutter our homes. Most of us have limited space, certainly in Israel, we really must be more careful with what we choose to keep for after a while our homes are...cluttered. 

The clutter gets in our way, slows us down when we need to find something and reduces our effectiveness. 

It is the same with Krav Maga, with martial arts. We see all sorts of cool moves and techniques, so we add them to our repertoire. Soon our self defense system is a clutter, too many things crowded into one place, a disorganized, or even an organized mess as Bruce Lee would call it. 

Bruce Lee hit the nail on the head when he said that true self defense is not about daily addition but about daily reduction; we chisel away at the stone until we produce a sculpture. Removing the excess stone gives birth to the true artwork.  

Having too many different techniques in a style impedes our movement and reduces our effectiveness. Having too many ideas in our style slows down our thought process and reaction time. To be effective in self defense we must heed the life wisdom and reduce our clutter, we must remove anything that slows us down or blocks our path. 

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