By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 30 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa

I just landed safely in Johannesburg and for this I am grateful. However I was not happy that upon claiming one of my favorite suitcases, a Samsonite, I found it was badly torn. Immediately I went to the luggage department to register my complaint. 

Now I realize that the odds of getting any compensation are slim to none in this case. It takes 21 days to process a complaint and I am leaving in 24 hours. Even if I do receive compensation it will be in the form of a South African Rand check, something pretty much useless outside of South Africa. 

So the question is - why even bother? Why did I take the time to register my complaint. 

The answer is that in my opinion the world depends upon it. 


Yes. You see a lot goes on in the world, a lot of bad stuff that at first we ignore and soon it devours us and requires a war to fix it. First one young thug pushes a woman around and before you know it you are living in Hells' Kitchen and Mobsters rule the streets. Yes, that is how it happens. 

First you ignore one politician taking a bribe and before you know it you live in a society where no one can be trusted, where the system is rotten to the core. 

You must become the change you want in society. Let something slide, choose to ignore a wrong-doing and you are facilitating the slippery slope that leads to a society that is far from what you wanted. 

Imagine if every month 10,000 people complained about how their luggage was handled at airports, do you think the airlines might look into the matter? do you think they might have hidden cameras to see if the suitcases are being thrown around? 

Start a force, a wave, and you make a positive change in society. Let it slide and you begin the downward slope toward anarchy. And yes, it starts with little things.

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