The Confidence Factor
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 12, 2017, Herzliya, Israel

What role does confidence play in our self defense program? What role does it play in life?

Flash back, many years ago. We are holding a karate tournament for kids. A young boy named Tomer is going to compete in his age and weight class. He is brimming with confidence but...not much else.

Sweet kid, his parents signed him up because he was lacking in physical coordination. He was making steady improvement and his confidence was building. Before the fight he was full of bravado, "I will eliminate my opponents one by one. I shall smash them to smithereens, etc".

He lost his first fight and was eliminated. He walked out humbly and said, "well, I guess I am not as good as I had thought".

What role does confidence play in our success? What percent of the fight goes to confidence?

I would argue that confidence, like "Positive Thinking" is way over rated.

Imagine going in for surgery. We want to know that the surgeon has Experience!! We want to know that he is well educated and highly trained. And we want to know that all that translates into an effective surgeon.

It is the same with Krav Maga and all of life.

Confidence alone is nothing, as the Arabs say Haki Fadi, air talk. The Arabs had great confidence in 1967 and were soundly defeated in six days. Israel had too much confidence in 1973 and paid with the lives of 3,000 soldiers. Confidence can be deadly.

So where does confidence figure in?

I believe it figures in most at the early stages. When you undertake a new course in life, when you begin your training, do you have the confidence to start something new? Do you have the confidence to believe that you will succeed? Do you have the confidence in yourself to stick to it even when things are going rough?

Confidence is the fuel that keeps you going. Confidence is not going into a meeting unprepared but "feeling confident". In real life feelings do not count for much.  

Confidence is your believing in your ability to pursue a course of study and stick it out to the end. Confidence is believing in your ability to apply yourself to a worthy goal and not give up at the first sign of trouble or inconvenience.  

Confidence is the beginning of the road and the end of the road, the fuel and the result, but the road itself is hard work and struggle. 

Confidence is sticking to your goals.

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