Consistent Secret of Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz

A Shaolin monk was once asked for the secret of the monks' incredible martial arts ability. He answered, "We practice all day, every day. Now you know our secret."

Well, that is not much of a great secret.

Over the years, both as a student and as a teacher, I have seen countless students come and go. This is one of the great challenges to martial arts instructors; how to cope with this never ending revolving door. For some teachers this is the reason they simply stop teaching; lack of student commitment.

I am often asked by new students; what is the secret to success in Krav Maga, or in any martial art or system of self-defense?

The answer is so simple – Consistency.

There are many attributes which are helpful but only one is essential. Let's take a look.

Age – Starting early is certainly a plus. You have more time to develop good habits and hone your skills.

Strength – Strength can certainly be a plus but it can also be a disadvantage. Often very strong guys have trouble learning the actual technique, they are too busy "muscling" their way their through it. Their emphasis on strength causes them to lose the energy flow.

Speed, flexibility, quickness - All a plus, great to have, and everyone can improve on these qualities with practice.

Height - Can be a plus, but is not essential. As long as you learn to understand your own body and are comfortable in your body – you will be fine.

Lack of Fear - Complete lack of fear is pure stupidity, which is rarely a plus. Learning to react appropriately is important. Learning to understand and control your emotions is very important.

But no quality, no attribute, can even compare with the one simple quality of sticking to it. Consistency is the key to success.