Count your Money

March 27, 2024, Israel

A friend is coming over soon to change some currency. I counted out the money, then I counted it again, and when he comes over, I will ask him to count the money. 

Why? Are we obsessed with money? No, we are obsessed with Justice, and we want to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts. 

My father taught by example. I saw that he was very meticulous. He would count money carefully, he would make sure that numbers on the check exactly matched the written number, he made sure that when he wrote an address on an envelope that every letter was crystal clear, so that there should not be any mistake.

I recall when a friend came over for a check, before the friend walked in the door, crossing the threshold, my father insisted, look at the check and make sure it is correct. Only then could we relax.

Why? Because my dear father, may he rest in peace, wanted to avoid misunderstandings. Misunderstandings can end friendships. Misunderstandings can cause a rift in the family. 

Why don't we count the money, or double check the details? It is because it makes us feel awkward, uncomfortable. So we put into our pocket and later on realize that we were short changed, probably accidently. Now it gets really awkward. What do we do? Contact the person now? They might say, well, you put the money in your pocket, perhaps later on you took some out and then forgot about it. Awkward. 

I have had financial dealings where I was not totally clear on the conditions, I assumed they read the website and understood what the terms were. And then I found I did not get paid in full, or they did not realize that they had to pay for my expenses and so forth. One place even did not know that I must have coffee for the seminar!!! (I was shocked and horrified).

But it was my fault. To avoid misunderstandings, we must be clear, crystal clear, as my father was. I recall him showing me an address that he wrote on an envelope, Does that look like an 8 or a 3? He wanted to be sure even though he had outstanding penmanship. 

So let us not feel awkward now, lest that lead to misunderstandings, anger and accusations later on. Count your money before you leave, in front of and with the person paying you. Or, be prepared to accept the loss quietly. These days I count the money with the person and say, Let us count together to make sure you did not over pay. As a banker I recall how we used to count and recount and double recount the cash at the end of the day. Everything had to balance. 

Let us stay balanced in life. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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