criminal work ethics
By Moshe Katz
Israeli krav international 

January 18, 2015, Israel

Not long ago my home was broken into. Since then I have become a minor expert on home security. Of course the smart thing would have been to do this study and research before the break-in, not after. 

But we are not very smart creatures, we need to experience pain before we begin to study.

Live and learn.

Similarly it is better to learn Krav Maga before you are attacked, before you become part of a massacre, before being held up at gun point or being stabbed with a knife.

The wise shall listen, the foolish shall end up in the hospital or the morgue.

But, you will protest, "I have no free time! Yes, but an early death is an even greater waste of time. Time spent in the hospital is also a waste of time.   

They say there is honor among thieves, I do not know nor care, but I do care about their work ethics. This week I was speaking with my neighbor Moshe, another family was hit last Friday night. I said I was surprised. It was bitter cold that night, I though the criminals would say home. Who wants to out in the cold? 

He answered wisely, "It is the perfect night to go out. The streets are empty, everyone is home sipping hot coco."

Everyone is home...But the criminals. They are not home sipping hot coco. They are out in the cold, working hard to take your hard earned money. They are so lazy as you may think.

This reminded me of something I heard a while back; a former criminal was giving advice to law abiding citizens, " But understand this, I don't take a day off because of bad weather."

You see the criminal is not always lazy and he is not always stupid. He is well versed in his profession, just as you are in yours, he is willing to work unconventional hours. He is wiling to work in difficult weather and conditions.

And, he is willing to travel.

He is willing to out in the dead of night, in the bitter cold. He does not take a day off for bad weather. He doe not make excuses.

Now tell me again why you could not make it to Krav Maga class?

This wisdom is an ancient as man himself, and so is our absolute refusal to learn, to wake up and take action.

" The lazy man says, There is a lion in the way, there is a lion in the streets. As the hinges turn on a door so does a lazy one in his bed. "(Proverbs Chapter 26, verses 13-14)

(in other words, he simply can NOT go out of his house because there might be a lion in the street, now he has his excuse for inaction. This was written thousands of years ago, nothing changes).  

" The lazy man is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can give sensible answers." (Proverbs Chapter 26, verse 16)

So, actually, please do not tell me why you cannot train in Krav Maga, or study home security, I already know, I read it in the book of Proverbs written over 3,000 years ago.

Nothing is new in human nature. 

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