Day Off Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 5, 2018

You like to take a day off, I understand, that is totally natural. Come to class, miss a few, come when you can. Totally normal behavior. When you have time you come to class, at least you are doing something for your own self protection and the welfare of your family.

It is not enough.

We cannot, as individuals, tackle organized crime. We cannot clean out the "hoods", the bad and dangerous parts of time. The best we can do is train in self defense and do our best to avoid these "No Go" Zones. They are off limits to decent hard working people. They are owned and controlled by the criminal element, by the gangs. 

And there are far more gangs then you think. And they are closer to you than you imagine. 

And what does it take for an average person to encounter a gang member? Answer: A wrong turn. Perhaps the GPS lead you the wrong way, perhaps there was construction going on, and now you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now you must face the knife or the gun, or the machete or the brass knuckles. 

Now here is the thing; they do not take a day off. This is their life and their lifestyle; Guns, knives, machete...they live it, it is part of them. Now while they may not be trained as professionals, they may not be sharpshooters or martial arts experts, they are experienced. What they lack in training they make up for in lack of hesitation. They will kill in a heartbeat. As one gang member said, for money, I will kick your grandma in the head

Lurking in the dark, waiting, are brutal gangs, they want the dream life and they want it fast. They are willing to work hard for you, but not like you and me. Their work is taking the money your worked for, and often, your life. 

Trinitario, The 60th Street boys, Los Avenidos, The Avenues, the 18th St. Gang, the Bloods, the Crips, SureƱos, West Side AP XIII, Latin Kings, The Outfit, Zoe Pound, Tri City Bombers, Texas Chicano Brotherhood, The Texas Syndicate; they go by a thousand different names and operate in all major cities, they live this life. They want power and domination, and money. 

What we need to understand is they, the bad guys, do not take a day off. They live this lifestyle and we do not. We have to make up for this gap by serious and regular training. We have to improve our training methods, we must deepen our understanding of their criminal culture so we have a better chance of survival. 

We had a friend in LA, during the course of his job someone pulled a gun out and shot him in the head. His name was Mordechai.

We need to understand this reality. We must understand that taking days off may cost us dearly. 

I want to publicly thank all those dedicated police officers who daily risk their lives to make our streets safer. You are always welcome in the ranks of IKI, Israeli Krav International.  

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