Denial, Violence and Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 28, 2014

A week ago my home was broken into

Too Late

The Day After


Since that event I have researched the topic of home security and the dangers to our particular community. I have tried to sound the alarm and warn my neighbors as much as I can.

This afternoon I saw a neighbor, she asked, "How are things?" I answered, "Not good" and I went on to explain about the break-in and how I have discovered that our homes are in fact quite vulnerable to this sort of crime. 

Her reaction; faked sympathy, "sorry to hear about it, how unfortunate for you." And then she asked what will be next. I answered, "You are next!"

She did not understand.

I explained that today it was my turn but tomorrow it will be hers, unless we take some action, both as a community and individually. Again, this kind neighbor was unmoved.

We never learn.

I recall my mother used to say "Hope springs eternal", well, I will say "Denial springs eternal".

Somehow we never learn from the misfortune of others, until it is our turn.

How sad. What a state of the human condition.

We hear our neighbor was broken into and we go along our merry way since we truly and sincerely believe "It will never happen to me."

Ahh, the mantra of fools; It will never happen to me. We repeat this daily. We read about rape, crime, violence, murder and somehow we feel there is a special protective coat that surrounds us. It cannot happen to us because we are special. We are the protected ones. This cannot happen to us.

Wake up call people; It Can and most likely will happen to you.

We must...

Learn safe driving,

Study home security,

Avoid dangerous places,

Memorize emergency telephone numbers,

Train in Krav Maga Self-defense

But, we do not have the time. Nonsense. It is all a matter of priorities. We make time for what we value. Do you value your life?

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