Did it Exist?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 21, 2016, Inspired by my friend Craig Gray, dedicated to all friends and wishing dear Robert a full and speedy recovery.

With Craig Gray, Gladys, good people.

Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues...and you know it don't come easy, life happens. One day at a time.

As the years roll on we remember and we forget. We forget so many wonderful experiences and we invent others. So much passes before us. I remember a smile, a sunset, a breeze. Names, dates, places fade but something remains.

People we thought we would never forget we are hard pressed to remember today. We have trouble putting name to face. So many have gone before us and are now gone. Voices fade, images fade, sounds become weak. But something remains and a certain power comes with it. The power of life, the power of love, the power of friendship. To lose an old friend is to see a library burn down. This is our life history.

I hope you are having fun, I hope you are still on the run. We have to keep running. The memories tug on us and pull us back but they need to power us as well, to keep us moving forward.

We are a composite of everything we have lived through, whether we remember it or not. And sometimes we meet someone who lived through the same experience and our lives become intertwined, a new friend becomes an old friend. There is something magical.

Orange juice with Geri and Eric in San Luis Obispo, playing guitar in LA with a wonderful couple whom I cannot recall by name a cold morning with Craig in Grand Rapids, Starbucks. A good cup of coffee, a smile from a passing stranger, a kind word from a gas station attendant, a sweet hello from the checkout girl at Target. They add up to life.

We look back and remember, but some things are not as they were, not as they are. And we wonder what is real and what never really existed. Sometimes in our minds we exaggerate the past but what is real are the friendships that endure, the care, the heart.

Faces, images, countless tapestries; Trader Joe, Magic Mountain, watching the wheels go round and round, our life goes round and round. Guitar stores, record stores, frozen yogurt, Oyama Dojo, Dux Ninjutsu, watching the wheels. Why were we in such a hurry? All those years ago.

What was? What really existed? Was Cracker box palace real or just imagination? And does it matter?

Time travel, time flies, too fast. But in our minds are the forever friends, places and memories that keep powering us. And the old songs, the old feelings come back, and we wonder what was the rush.

Baseball fields, rainy days, silly moments, space and time. The moment that never comes back, the moment that we live. The faces, the places that we will never see again.

Power to the people, the love, the friendship, the memories that push us forward. I thank you all.

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