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September 13,  2021, Hadassah hospital,  Jerusalem Israel

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"And when the officers of the nation of Israel saw Moshe and Aharon standing and waiting for them, when they were coming out of the palace of Pharaoh, the officers said to them (Moshe and Aharon), May the Eternal God look upon you and punish you, for you caused us to lose our reputation and look bad in the eyes of Pharaoh and in the eyes of his servants and given them a pretext to put a sword in their hand to slay us. Then Moshe returned to God and said O Master, why have You brought misfortune upon this people, Why did you send me on such a mission!" (Exodus Chapter 5, Verses 20-22)

Now this incident is problematic to the rabbis, for God had clearly told Moshe at least twice that this would not go easy, that the redemptive process would be a ...Process, that it would take time. Moshe was warned that Pharaoh would resist, such as in Chapter 4, verse  21 "..I will however harden his heart so that he will not let the people go."  So Moshe knew it would not be a quick and easy process.

Yet Moshe becomes pressured when the elders of Israel rebuke him. When the doctor is taking too long for each patient, and then the people start yelling at the poor helpless secretary, this secretary may lash out at the doctor, 'What is taking so long!!! the people are getting angry!?

Moshe is feeling the pressure from the people and he lashes out at God. He regrets being chosen as the redeemer and deliverer out of bondage for the Nation of Israel, the pressure is too great for any man. He is ready to quit. We feel Moshe's frustration, it is very difficult to be a leader, everyone wants everything all the time, and right away.

But God has His ways, and God has His plans. The process was meant to be this way, the road was meant to be bumpy and the Children of Israel are on the Obstacle Course, not the 100 yard dash. Life is meant to be a challenge and there are lessons here. For the believer we say, Yes, God could redeem us in the blink of an eye, but we believe that this is about more than just redemption, this is a lesson for all time, for all people, in all ages. There is God time, and there is Man time.

Anyone who has dealt with children knows that children have no sense of time, and no patience what so ever. They want it now!

Remember those car rides; Are we there yet? and then a few seconds later, are we there Now? The child wants to be there already, but as he grows up he, hopefully, learns patience, he will learn that all good things take time. There is Child Time, and there is Adult Time, and they are very different Time Zones.

In the case at hand, with the Nation of Israel, they are the "Child", while Moshe and the God for whom he speaks, are the Adults. God has His plan, the Redemption, the Exodus, will be a grand event. The buildup is important, as they say all good things take time and effort. It takes time to earn a black belt, it takes time to become a master instructor, allow yourself this time. 

Krav Maga is a short cut martial art, but even our system of Krav Maga takes time, patience, dedication and training.

When the student wants his Black Belt NOW, the instructor must remind him that it is a process, it takes time, there will be setbacks.

Rabbi Abraham Iben Ezra, 12th century, Spain, teaches that Moshe had two issues; one was that while he understood that this would take time, and while he understood that Pharaoh would harden his heart and not let the people go, he did not realize that things would actually get worse, more difficult, for the Nation of Israel in bondage. Things would get worse before they get better. When the Egyptian taskmasters made the job for the Hebrews even harder this was unexpected by Moshe. The other issue was the Moshe did not anticipate the animosity of the Elders of Israel, and he was not prepared with an appropriate answer to calm them. So Moshe was frustrated, as many leaders become. 

The lesson here is that there are often two Time Zones; Call it Instructor and Student, Parent and Child, Employer and Employee, or any two people in a relationship who operate on a different sense of time. Let it flow...understand the process. No one becomes a master overnight. So we go back to the Book of Books, the Bible, the Torah, to Moshe our Teacher, and we learn a lesson about time and patience. 

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