Do Something, Again
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 15, Florida, USA

Core Martial Arts, making a difference, one person at a time

And once again there is a tragic school shooting. And once again people are being interviewed, and once again we see the group hugs on campus and once again we hear the same accusations. 

Looking for love in all the wrong place, or in this case, looking for blame and responsibility in all the wrong places, as always. 

At least 17 children lie dead, many more in critical condition and the accusations against the "Other" begins. 

A father of a girl who witnessed the attack comes out with very strong words. He demands action, he points to the senator of Florida and on public TV says "Do Something". He follows up with strong words such as "Enough rhetoric", and "We demand action". 

And it makes me wonder, it does. 

In another part of Florida I am with a small group of students, regular people, children and their parents. We are training. 

Unlike the guys on TV we are the ones actually "Doing something". Children already at a young age learning how to respond to various kinds of threats, learning how to cope with fear and violence.  

It is easy, and useless, to point to politicians, or "government" and expect that something will be done. Passing laws at city hall will have little impact on a kid or a criminal intent on hurting others. So instead of telling a TV reported that the senator "Must do something" and "we demand action" it might be better if we actually did something and we took action.

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